Executive Summary

The Medical Services Fund Advisory Council has been advising the State's Medicaid agency since 1953 on 1) health and medical services, 2) the Medical Services Fund and 3) disbursements from the Fund. Medical expenses of Medicaid eligible clients are paid from the Medical Services Fund.

Issue Area: The Benefits of Medical Services Fund Advisory Council Outweigh its Costs

For the entire period of January 1996 through March 1999, the cost of the Medical Services Fund Advisory Council has been approximately $163. For this minimal cost the State has received valuable advice and recommendations. Both members of the Council and Bureau staff participate actively in Council meetings; staff presenting information and Council members providing consultation. Essentially, the Bureau and therefore the State are receiving free advice from these provider and consumer groups. The meetings also provide a public forum for discussion of medical services and use of Medicaid funds. The Office of the Legislative Auditor is of the opinion that the benefits of the Council far exceed its cost and recommends a six-year continuation under the West Virginia Sunset Law.