Executive Summary

Issue Area 1: The Commissioner of DMV has Fulfilled Statutory Requirements to Consult with Motor Vehicle Dealers Advisory Board.

Statute requires the Commissioner of DMV to consult with the Board prior to taking any disciplinary action against a licensee. Meeting minutes from 1997 to the present indicate a pattern of such consultation.

Issue Area 2: The Motor Vehicle Dealers Advisory Board Assists the Commissioner of DMV in Developing New Laws and Policies.

The Advisory Board was created to assist the Commissioner of DMV in the development of new laws and policies to aid in the regulation of the motor vehicle industry. The Board has actively participated in developing DMV's legislative agenda. The Board is currently preparing legislation for the 2001 legislative session which will address the licensure of salespeople and the adequacy of surety bonds.

Issue Area 3: The Motor Vehicle Dealers Advisory Board Conducts its Meetings In Accordance with State Law.

The Advisory Board is in compliance with the Open Meetings Law. A review of meeting minutes also indicates that the Board enters into executive session appropriately when discussing disciplinary action against individual licensees. Once a disciplinary action is taken, the Board does discuss it in the open meeting. The Board also meets four times a year, as required by statute, and members participate actively.