ISSUE 1: West Virginia is Getting More than Its Money's Worth Through Its Membership in the Commission.

West Virginia has received benefits from the Commission membership far exceeding its financial contribution. The minutes of the Commission reflect a significant nonfinancial contribution by West Virginia and other Commission members in allocating its resources to protect the Potomac River Basin. West Virginia has received over $1.9 million in project benefits from the Commission since 1985. Meanwhile, West Virginia's contributions to the Commission over the same period totals $373,322. The two major projects include the South Branch Flood Study where the Commission worked with Grant and Hardy counties and the Corps of Engineers in identifying methods for protecting the cities of Petersburg and Moorefield from future floods at a cost of $773,851. The other project was the North Branch Recreation Project where the Commission helped in correcting the major source of mine drainage and developed recreational use goals for Jennings Randolph Lake at a cost of $264,114.

ISSUE 2: The Commission has Lost Its Congressional Appropriation.

The Commission has received a Congressional Appropriation of $511,000 for the last two years. However, due to congressional budget cuts, this appropriation was not made for the fiscal year 1997 budget. This cut would reduce the Commission's budget by approximately 25%. However, the Commission is currently attempting to have the appropriation reinstated for fiscal year 1998.