Executive Summary
State Building Commission Update
The West Virginia State Building Commission was created to oversee state property transactions. A Preliminary Performance review of the Commission was conducted in 1998 and reported the following findings in September 1998: State Building Commission Function should be Limited or Terminated; and Property Management is Inadequate. The categories in the table below are used to describe the degree of compliance the State Building Commission has obtained with the recommendations of the original performance review.

Many decisions concerning state property transactions are being decided by staff, and the Commission is informed after the fact, or in some cases not informed at all. This places in question the need and function of the Commission. There is no need for a Commission that reviews decisions that have already been made. However, the revenue bonds in the Commission's name would require legislation to be transferred to another state authority. According to the Commission's Executive Director, the state's bond rating would not be impacted if the bonds were transferred to a different state authority.

Eleven recommendations were made in the September 1998 review, the first two require legislation and six would be non-applicable if the Legislature decided to terminate the Commission. The final three recommendations relate to inadequate property management on the part of Commission staff. Recommendation 9 is In Compliance, recommendation 10 is in In Compliance and recommendation 11 is In Dispute.