News Releases of the West Virginia House of Delegates

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William Hartman,John Hott,D. Jennings,Chris Phillips,Isaac Sponaugle,Terri Sypolt,Cody Thompson Senators, Delegates in Flood-Affected Counties Call on Governor for State of Emergency 06/30/2019
Michael Angelucci,Sammi Brown,Amanda Estep-Burton,Cindy Lavender-Bowe,Cody Thompson,Danielle Walker,Lisa Zukoff Delegates Urge Governor to Veto House Bill 206 06/24/2019
Joshua Higginbotham Chairman Higginbotham Praises $1.2 Billion Investment in Mason County 06/24/2019
Mick Bates Delegate Bates: Omnibus Bill Goes Against One-Object Rule 06/21/2019
Timothy Miley Democratic Leaders Call for End to Wasteful Spending on Chaotic Special Session 06/11/2019
Mike Pushkin Delegate Mike Pushkin to Introduce Legislation to Expand and Amend the Special Community Development School Pilot Program 06/06/2019
Barbara Fleischauer Bill Goes Into Effect Allowing Pharmacists To Dispense Life-Saving Medicine 06/03/2019
Roger Hanshaw,Daniel Linville Speaker Hanshaw, Vice-Chairman Linville Praise FCC Chairman's Action on Sprint, T-Mobile Merger 05/30/2019
Paul Espinosa Empowering Parents, Students and Educators Shouldn’t Be Controversial 05/28/2019
Sean Hornbuckle,Mike Pushkin,Danielle Walker Delegates Express Concerns About Opportunity Zones Legislation 05/21/2019
Cindy Lavender-Bowe Democratic Women’s Caucus Calls for Additional Mental Health Resources 05/21/2019
Dean Jeffries Flooding Committee Co-Chair Glad Justice Administration Focused on Housing First, Vows to Monitor Results 05/16/2019
Roger Hanshaw House Leadership Begins Work on Legislation to Improve Education at Local Level 05/15/2019
Roger Hanshaw Leaders Building Consensus on Path Forward for Comprehensive Education Reform 05/13/2019
Mike Pushkin Delegate Pushkin Calls for Bipartisan Cooperation on Opioid Response 05/13/2019
John Doyle Delegate John Doyle to Host Town Hall May 17 05/13/2019
Kayla Kessinger,Andrew Robinson Delegates Ask Attorney General to Direct Settlement Funds to Addiction Treatment 05/06/2019
Mick Bates Delegate Bates: ‘Betterment’ Better Done in the Fall or Not at All 05/03/2019
Gary Howell Chairman Howell Statement on Closing of Verso Paper Mill 04/30/2019
Michael Angelucci,Sammi Brown,Amanda Estep-Burton,Evan Hansen,Cindy Lavender-Bowe,Danielle Walker,Lisa Zukoff Legislators Urge Action on DNR Director Accused of Domestic Violence 04/29/2019
Michael Angelucci,Mike Caputo,Linda Longstreth Marion County Delegation Urges Governor Justice to Save John Manchin Senior Health Center 04/22/2019
Joshua Higginbotham Delegate Higginbotham Invited To White House To Discuss Opportunity Zone Legislation 04/16/2019
Gary Howell Chairman Howell Praises Northrop Grumman Expansion in Mineral County 04/03/2019
Dianna Graves Delegate Graves Says Budget Bill Will Expand WVSU 'Healthy Grandfamilies' Program Statewide 03/28/2019
Mick Bates Veto of Vertical Integration Bill Could Delay Medical Cannabis Program 03/28/2019
Daniel Linville Delegate Linville Applauds Broadband Bill Signing, Says New Investment Coming To State 03/27/2019
Mike Pushkin Governor's Veto of House Bill 2079 Kills Medical Cannabis in WV 03/27/2019
Roger Hanshaw Speaker Hanshaw Praises Signing of Broadband Expansion Bill 03/27/2019
Sammi Brown,John Doyle Delegates Doyle, Brown Request WVDEP to Host Public Hearing on Mountaineer Pipeline 03/27/2019
Andrew Byrd,Joe Canestraro,Amanda Estep-Burton,Cindy Lavender-Bowe,Mike Pushkin,Doug Skaff Legislators Request Veto of Campaign Finance Legislation 03/21/2019
Mike Caputo Delegate Caputo Requests Veto of Campaign Finance Legislation 03/21/2019
John Doyle Delegate Doyle Set to Hold Town Hall Meetings 03/21/2019
Amy Summers Majority Leader Summers Praises Passage of Bill to Benefit Retired Teachers, Public Employees 03/09/2019
Roger Hanshaw Legislature Again Passes Balanced Budget Without Need For Extended Session 03/08/2019
Margaret Staggers Delegate Margaret Staggers Demands Action for Road Construction Project 03/01/2019
Roger Hanshaw Statement from House Speaker Roger Hanshaw 03/01/2019
Roger Hanshaw West Virginia House Passes Bill to Give State Strongest Intellectual Property, Trade Secrets Protections in U.S. 02/26/2019
Sammi Brown,John Doyle Doyle, Brown Meet With Top Justice Aide 02/21/2019
Barbara Fleischauer

All West Virginians Deserve 100% of the Pie
Capitol Pizza Delivery to Educate Legislators on SB412 and HB 2308

S Wilson Subcommittee to Hold Public Hearing on Article V Convention Proposals 02/15/2019
Roger Hanshaw House Speaker Requests Public Hearing on Comprehensive Education Bill 02/07/2019
Gary Howell Chairman Howell Announces Reforms Have Finally Determined Total Vehicles in State Fleet 02/06/2019
Chad Lovejoy House Members Form Hunger Caucus 02/05/2019
Roger Hanshaw Speaker Hanshaw Statement on Senate Passage of Comprehensive Education Reform Bill 02/04/2019
Sammi Brown,John Doyle Delegates Doyle and Brown Oppose Rockwool Insulation Plant in Jefferson County 02/01/2019
Roger Hanshaw Speaker Hanshaw Statement on House Leadership's Commitment to West Virginia's Education System 01/30/2019
Roger Hanshaw,Daniel Linville House of Delegates Passes Comprehensive Broadband Expansion & Development Bill 01/28/2019
Amy Summers It’s Time to Put Our Foster Children First 01/28/2019
Eric Householder House Finance Committee Approves Bill To Exempt Social Security Benefits From Income Tax 01/28/2019
Roger Hanshaw,Daniel Linville House Technology & Infrastructure Committee Advances Broadband Expansion Act of 2019 01/16/2019
Gary Howell Chairman Howell Introduces Bill to Target People Who Drive Slow in the Left Lane 01/16/2019
Caleb Hanna,Carl Martin,Patrick Martin Delegates Introduce Bill to Help Fund President Trump's Border Wall 01/15/2019
Evan Hansen,John Williams Delegates Hansen and Williams to Form North-central West Virginia Roads Caucus 01/14/2019
Roger Hanshaw House Leadership Continues to Streamline Staff Costs 01/09/2019
Roger Hanshaw Speaker Hanshaw Statement on Gov. Justice's State of the State Address 01/09/2019
Roger Hanshaw House, Senate GOP Leaders Unveil 2019 Legislative Agenda 01/08/2019
Roger Hanshaw Speaker Hanshaw Statement on Filing of Impeachment Case Petition with U.S. Supreme Court 01/08/2019
Joe Canestraro Delegate Canestraro to Introduce Legislation to Increase Funding for Secondary Road Repairs 01/03/2019
Roger Hanshaw Speaker Hanshaw Announces Additional Leadership Appointments 12/18/2018
Roger Hanshaw Speaker Hanshaw Proposes Creation of Technology & Infrastructure Committee 12/18/2018
Roger Hanshaw Delegate Linville Appointed to Broadband Enhancement Council 12/12/2018
Roger Hanshaw Speaker Hanshaw Announces Key Leadership Appointments 12/10/2018
Roger Hanshaw Speaker Hanshaw Statement on Day of Mourning for President George H.W. Bush 12/04/2018
Roger Hanshaw GOP Delegates Renominate Hanshaw For House Speaker 12/02/2018
Amy Summers Delegate Amy Summers Hosts Foster Care Forum 11/02/2018
Daniel Linville Delegate Linville Announces USDA Roundtable Discussion on Funding Options for Development Projects 10/22/2018
Timothy Miley House Minority Leader to Introduce Legislation to Strengthen Penalties for Opioid Companies Engaged in Deceptive Practices 10/18/2018
Roger Hanshaw Speaker Hanshaw Statement On Supreme Court Impeachment Decision 10/12/2018
Mike Caputo Statement from Minority Whip Mike Caputo on the Passing of Delegate Frank Deem 10/10/2018
Roger Hanshaw Speaker Hanshaw Statement on Death of Delegate Frank Deem 10/10/2018
Timothy Miley Statement from House Minority Leader Tim Miley on the Passing of Delegate Frank Deem 10/10/2018
Mark Zatezalo Delegate Zatezalo Announces West Virginia's Acceptance as Member of The Energy Council 09/28/2018
Mike Caputo Delegate Caputo Calls for Impeachment of former Justice Menis Ketchum 09/13/2018
Roger Hanshaw,George Ambler Delegate Ambler Appointed House Chairman of Joint Legislative Committee on Flooding 09/11/2018
Barbara Fleischauer Bells To Ring Across West Virginia and Around the World at 1:00 p.m. on Labor Day 08/29/2018
Kelli Sobonya Delegate Sobonya to join State Auditor in Huntington, encourages adoption of transparency website 08/22/2018
Ruth Rowan Delegate Ruth Rowan Receives Governor’s Civil Rights Day Award 08/15/2018
John Shott Chairman Shott Statement on Chief Justice Workman, Justice Davis and Justice Walker Announcements 08/14/2018
John Overington House of Delegates Impeaches, Censures All Four State Supreme Court Justices 08/14/2018
John Shott House Judiciary Committee Adopts Articles of Impeachment Against All Four W.Va. Supreme Court Justices 08/07/2018
Timothy Miley Democrats Release Proposed Articles of Impeachment, Demand Immediate Action on Supreme Court Justice Loughry 08/01/2018
Timothy Miley House Minority Leader Expresses Concerns to Governor Regarding Highway Project Estimates 07/30/2018
Timothy Miley Senator Prezioso and Delegate Miley Ask, "Why Is Patrick Morrisey Outsourcing His Own Job and Wasting Taxpayer Money?" 07/25/2018
Moore Capito Delegate Capito Selected for Emerging Leaders Program 07/16/2018
Mike Caputo Delegate Caputo- Statement on Justice Ketchum's Resignation 07/11/2018
John Shott House Judiciary Committee to Resume Impeachment Meetings July 12 07/05/2018
Danny Hamrick,Gary Howell House Government Organization Leaders Call For Investigation Into State Real Estate Division 07/03/2018
Kelli Sobonya Delegate Sobonya Calls for Removal of Real Estate Division Director Amores 07/03/2018
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Statement Responding to Comments Related to Flood Committee Meeting 07/02/2018
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Statement on Appointment of Dan Greear as 13th Circuit Court Judge 07/02/2018
Eric Nelson Finance Chairmen: Natural Gas Severance Taxes Too Volatile to Properly Fund PEIA 06/27/2018
Kayla Kessinger Delegate Kessinger Outraged Over Commerce Department's Failure to Answer Flood Relief Questions 06/26/2018
Eric Nelson News Release: West Virginia On Track to End Fiscal Year With Healthy Surplus 06/25/2018
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Statement on Special Impeachment Session 06/25/2018
John Overington House, Senate Leaders Request Special Session to Deal with Impeachment Proceedings 06/25/2018
Tim Armstead Speaker, Senate President letter to Joint Judiciary Committee regarding impeachment proceedings 06/22/2018
Eric Nelson Op. ed.: Decisions Are Made By Those Who Show Up 06/22/2018
Isaac Sponaugle Delegate Isaac Sponaugle files lawsuit to order WV Governor to comply with the state constitution 06/21/2018
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Statement on Justice Loughry Indictment 06/20/2018
Timothy Miley Senate and House Democratic Caucuses Urge Legislative Action in Response to Justice Loughry’s Corruption Scandal 06/08/2018
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Statement on Justice Allen Loughry 06/08/2018
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Statement on Passage of Emergency Responder Survivor Benefits Bill 05/21/2018
Barbara Fleischauer State Changes Policy - WV Medicaid Will Soon Cover Autism Therapy 04/18/2018
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Commends All Involved in Huntington Drug Takedown 04/17/2018
Patrick Martin Delegate Martin Comments on Flooding, Government Response 04/16/2018
Patrick Martin Delegate Martin Hails Addition of 70 Jobs at Doss Enterprises 04/03/2018
Sharon Malcolm Delegate Malcolm Sworn In As New District 39 Delegate 03/30/2018
Jill Upson Delegate Upson Says Cyberbullying Bill Will Make W.Va. Children Safer 03/29/2018
Paul Espinosa Chairman Espinosa Praises Signing of House Bill 4006 03/28/2018
Gary Howell Chairman Howell Applauds Signing of Fleet Management, Spoofing Bills 03/27/2018
Paul Espinosa Chairman Espinosa Responds to Claims Regarding House Bill 4006 03/12/2018
Tim Armstead Legislature Unanimously Passes Balanced Budget in Unprecedented Fashion 03/10/2018
Jordan Hill,Kayla Kessinger Delegates Hill, Kessinger Applaud Additional Pay Raises for Correctional Workers 03/09/2018
Tim Armstead,Eric Nelson House of Delegates Unanimously Passes Balanced Budget with 5-percent Public Employee Pay Raises 03/09/2018
Tim Armstead,Matthew Rohrbach House of Delegates Passes Opioid Reduction Act 03/08/2018
Timothy Miley House Democrats Thank Educators for Fighting for 5 Percent Pay Raises for All State Employees 03/06/2018
Jill Upson Delegate Upson Thanks HEPC, Gov. Justice for Extending PROMISE Scholarship Deadline 03/06/2018
Jill Upson Delegate Upson Asks HEPC to Extend PROMISE Scholarship Deadline Due to Strike 03/05/2018
Eric Nelson House Finance Approves Balanced Budget With $97 Million in State Worker Pay Raises, Full Funding of PEIA 03/05/2018
Paul Espinosa Statement from Chairman Espinosa on HB 4145 Conference Committee 03/04/2018
Mike Caputo Delegate Caputo Urges Mitch Carmichael and Republicans to Act 03/02/2018
Tim Armstead,Eric Nelson House Passes 5-percent Pay Raise for Teachers, Service Personnel and State Police 02/28/2018
Mike Caputo Delegate Caputo Requests Follow-up to Lobbyist Use of Capitol Access Card 02/28/2018
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Statement on Governor's Revenue Revisions, Pay Increase Plan 02/27/2018
Moore Capito Delegate Capito Introduces Bills to Promote Entrepreneurship & Small Business Growth 02/21/2018
Tim Armstead House of Delegates Sends Multi-Year Pay Raise Package for Teachers, State Employees to Governor 02/20/2018
Tim Armstead,Eric Nelson House Finance Committee Approves Bill to Provide Continued Funding to PEIA 02/19/2018
Riley Moore Delegate Moore Introduces Bill to Create Greater Transparency & Oversight of Lobbying Activities in Charleston 02/16/2018
Tim Armstead,Eric Nelson House Passes Bill to Immediately Transfer $29 Million to Fully Fund PEIA for Coming Year 02/16/2018
Eric Nelson House Finance Committee Approves Immediate $29 Million Transfer to PEIA 02/14/2018
Tim Armstead,Daryl Cowles,Eric Nelson House Passes Increased Multi-Year Teacher, State Employee Pay Raise Plan 02/13/2018
Tim Armstead,Eric Nelson House Finance Committee Approves Increased Pay Raises for Teachers, Service Personnel & State Police 02/07/2018
Tim Armstead House Of Delegates Votes Overwhelmingly To Request PEIA Finance Board Delay Plan Changes 02/07/2018
Charlotte Lane Delegate Lane Appointed to Energy Department’s Electricity Advisory Committee 02/07/2018
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Statement on Agreement to Recommend PEIA Maintain Current Premium Structure 02/06/2018
Tim Armstead

Speaker Armstead Statement on Governor's Proposal to Reduce PEIA Premiums for Teachers and State Employees

Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Statement on Change to PEIA's Go365 Plan 01/29/2018
Tim Armstead,Danny Hamrick Delegate Hamrick Named Vice-Chairman of Committee on Government Organization 01/24/2018
Riley Moore Delegate Moore Statement on Racing Commission's Charles Town Classic Decision 01/24/2018
Paul Espinosa Delegate Espinosa Statement on Racing Commission's Charles Town Classic Decision 01/23/2018
Jill Upson Delegate Upson Statement on Racing Commission's Charles Town Classic Decision 01/23/2018
Tim Armstead,John Overington House of Delegates Passes Bill to Create 100 Single-member Districts 01/22/2018
Pat McGeehan Delegate McGeehan to Sponsor Resolution Requiring Two-Thirds Majority to Pass Any Tax, Fee Increases 01/16/2018
Gary Howell Chairman Howell Introduces Broadband Bill, Passes First Hurdle 01/15/2018
Paul Espinosa Legislators Receive Child Sexual Abuse Task Force Report, Pledge Action on Recommendations 01/12/2018
Tim Armstead Delegate Foster Appointed Assistant Majority Leader for House of Delegates 01/10/2018
Timothy Miley Democratic Leaders to Respond to State of the State 01/10/2018
Tim Armstead House Leadership Continues Efforts to Streamline Staff Costs 01/10/2018
Kayla Kessinger Delegate Kessinger Proposes Bill to Ban State Funds From Going to Companies That Discriminate Against Israel 01/09/2018
Timothy Miley House Democrats to Present 2018 Legislative Priorities Today 01/09/2018
Gary Howell Chairman Howell to Reintroduce Bill to Help Homeless Individuals Obtain Identification Documents 12/20/2017
Brent Boggs,Roger Hanshaw Media Advisory: Glenville State College Tuition Announcement 12/04/2017
Andrew Byrd,Mike Pushkin,Andrew Robinson Kanawha Legislators to Participate in Education Town Hall Today 11/30/2017
Mick Bates Raleigh County Delegate Donates Legislative Pay to Susan Landis Memorial Fund 11/20/2017
Tim Armstead President’s Tax Plan Will Benefit West Virginians 11/09/2017
Barbara Fleischauer Delegate Fleischauer Receives Purple Ribbon Award 10/26/2017
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Praises President Trump's Action to Address Opioid Crisis 10/26/2017
Patrick Martin Delegate Martin Announces New Jobs Coming to Jane Lew 10/10/2017
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Statement on Passing of Delegate Tony Lewis 09/24/2017
Stephen Baldwin Baldwin and Greenbrier Chamber Partner to Host Forum 09/15/2017
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Responds to State Supreme Court's Right-to-Work Injunction Ruling 09/15/2017
Moore Capito Delegate Capito Asks Amazon CEO To Consider West Virginia For New Headquarters 09/14/2017
Tim Armstead Senate President Carmichael, Speaker Armstead Praise West Virginia’s Improvement in Legal Climate Survey 09/12/2017
Eric Nelson Road Bond Will Bring Immediate Benefits 09/12/2017
Andrew Robinson MEDIA ADVISORY - Delegate Andrew Robinson to Host Economic Development Summit 09/11/2017
Jason Harshbarger Delegate Harshbarger Announces ‘Heroes Day’ Celebration to Honor First Responders 09/05/2017
Barbara Fleischauer Morgantown "Rosie the Riveters" and Girl Scouts Participate in National Bell-Ringing Ceremony 09/01/2017
Tim Armstead Delegate Nancy Foster Submits Resignation From District 38 House Seat 09/01/2017
Kelli Sobonya Rule-Making Review Committee Issues Reminder of Looming Regulatory Reform Deadline 08/30/2017
Gary Howell Chairman Howell Proposes Legislation to Ban ‘Spoofing’ 08/24/2017
Ruth Rowan Delegate Rowan Honored for Work to Help State's Deaf Citizens 08/21/2017
Marty Gearheart Chairman Gearheart Again Presses Governor On Road Bond Funding 08/04/2017
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Statement on Governor's Party Switch 08/04/2017
Eric Nelson House Finance Chair Eric Nelson and Delegate Mike Pushkin Announce West Side Bridge Repair Project 07/31/2017
Marty Gearheart Chairman Gearheart Wants Governor to Commit to Using Passed Tax Increases for Road Bond 07/19/2017
Eric Nelson Let’s Work Together To Get Things Done 07/18/2017
Tim Armstead

Republican Leadership Trims Nearly $1.5 Million From Legislature's Annual Budget

Jill Upson Delegate Upson Selected for Emerging Leaders Program 07/07/2017
Amy Summers Delegate Summers participates in Three Branch Institute on Improving Child Safety and Preventing Child Fatalities 06/30/2017
Michael Folk Delegate Folk Criticizes Governor, WVU President Gee For Budget Dishonesty 06/30/2017
John O'Neal Budget Bashing, Tuition Hikes, and Fake News 06/30/2017
Timothy Miley House Minority Leader to Give Back Special Session Pay to Taxpayers 06/29/2017
Eric Nelson Op. ed.: The Real Story Behind the State Budget 06/27/2017
Stephen Baldwin,Scott Brewer,Barbara Fleischauer,Rodney Miller Legislators Donating Special Session Pay to Charity 06/26/2017
Barbara Fleischauer Citizens Hold Opioid Recovery Awareness Event at Valley HealthCare in Morgantown 06/26/2017
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Appoints Delegates to Joint Legislative Committee on Flooding 06/22/2017
John O'Neal Statement on the Budget from Delegate John O'Neal 06/21/2017
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Statement On Governor's Budget Action 06/21/2017
Joshua Higginbotham Delegate Joshua Higginbotham to Donate Special Session Pay 06/19/2017
Tim Armstead House Adopts Senate Changes to Budget, Sends Bill to Governor 06/17/2017
Barbara Fleischauer Fleischauer Named Toll Fellow 06/13/2017
Jim Butler Defending the West Virginia Taxpayer

A column by Delegate Jim Butler

Tim Armstead House Rejects Governor's Tax Increases, Urges Break in Session to Begin Discussions 05/04/2017
Gary Howell Delegate Gary Howell Praises Passage of Bill to Help Victims of Certain Assaults 05/04/2017
Mike Pushkin,Andrew Robinson Kanawha County Delegates to Host Budget Town Hall 05/02/2017
Rupert Phillips Delegate Phillips Opposes Governor Justice's Severance Tax Plan 05/01/2017
Andrew Robinson Open Minds Welcome For Special Session 04/28/2017
Roger Hanshaw Delegate Hanshaw, Senator Smith Praise Signing of Broadband Bill 04/28/2017
Marty Gearheart Delegate Gearheart Applauds Governor's Recognition of West Virginia Families' Financial Struggles 04/26/2017
Kayla Kessinger Delegate Kessinger Stands With Speaker Against Governor's Tax Increases 04/26/2017
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Statement on Governor's Intent to call a Special Session Next Week 04/26/2017
S Wilson Delegate Wilson Calls For Principled Approach to the Budget 04/25/2017
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Encourages Governor to Abandon Tax Increases, Seek Real Solutions to Budget Crisis 04/25/2017
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Statement on Governor's Budget Veto Announcement 04/13/2017
Mark Zatezalo

The Possibilities for Prosperity

Op-Ed by Delegate Mark Zatezalo

Tim Armstead House Passes Balanced Budget, Urges Governor to Sign It 04/09/2017
Tim Armstead,Eric Householder,Eric Nelson House Passes Tax Reform, Balanced Budget Bills 04/05/2017
Jill Upson House of Delegates Recognizes NASA Pioneer Katherine Johnson 04/03/2017
John Overington Delegate Overington Releases Annual Poll Results 04/03/2017
Andrew Robinson Delegate Robinson Praises Passage of Ryan Brown Act 03/30/2017
Tim Armstead House of Delegates Votes to Increase Substance Abuse Treatment Opportunities 03/29/2017
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Comment on Passage of State Flood Protection Planning Reform Bill 03/25/2017
Riley Moore Delegate Moore Advocates Comprehensive Tax Reform to Promote Long-Term Economic Growth 03/22/2017
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Criticizes Governor for Emergency Lantern Stunt 03/21/2017
Justin Marcum Delegate Justin Marcum Proposes Three Percent Teacher Pay Raise 03/16/2017
Justin Marcum Delegate Justin Marcum Advocates for Sunday Hunting Bill 03/16/2017
Roger Hanshaw House Judiciary Committee to Present Bill to Expand, Enhance Broadband Access 03/15/2017
Mick Bates,Ed Evans Delegates Seek to Increase Tourism and Economic Development in Southern West Virginia 03/15/2017
Justin Marcum Delegate Marcum Introduces Bill to Increase Penalties for Embezzlement in Education 03/14/2017
Timothy Miley Legislators Support Governor’s Plan to Limit Special Session Compensation 03/13/2017
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead, President Carmichael Unveil Legislature's Budget Framework 03/13/2017
Tim Armstead Legislative Leaders To Unveil Budget Framework 03/13/2017
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead, Delegates Introduce Bill to Reform State Flood Protection Planning 03/10/2017
Justin Marcum Delegate Marcum Advocates for Improved Infrastructure and New Coal Jobs 03/09/2017
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Commends Gov. Justice For Embracing GOP Proposal to Sweep Accounts 03/03/2017
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Praises Passage of Measures to Target Drug Traffickers and Curb Substance Abuse 03/03/2017
Robert Thompson Delegate Thompson Supports Cabwaylingo State Forest 03/02/2017
Jordan Hill Delegate Hill Introduces Bill to Protect Unborn Children From Abuse and Neglect 03/02/2017
Justin Marcum Delegate Justin Marcum Adds to People's Voice in Education 03/01/2017
Mike Caputo Caputo Outraged at Universities’ Disregard For Employees 02/28/2017
Tim Armstead Joint Statement From Speaker Armstead, President Carmichael on Governor's Alternative Budget Proposals 02/27/2017
Kayla Kessinger Delegate Kessinger, Other Delegates Raise Awareness of Human Trafficking 02/23/2017
Jill Upson Women's Caucus to Highlight 'Women in Racing' 02/21/2017
Justin Marcum Delegate Justin Marcum Combats Crimes Against the Peace 02/17/2017
Tim Armstead This Week In The House of Delegates

February 17, 2017

Danny Hamrick,Gary Howell House Of Delegates Creates New Subcommittee Targeting Burdensome Regulations 02/10/2017
Tim Armstead This Week in the House of Delegates 02/10/2017
Tim Armstead House to Require Committee Witnesses Testify Under Oath 02/08/2017
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Statement on Gov. Justice's State Of The State Address 02/08/2017
Andrew Robinson Educator’s Town Hall for 36th District 02/01/2017
Rupert Phillips Delegate Rupie Phillips Officially Becomes An Independent

“West Virginians want change and so do I,” says Delegate Phillips

Tim Armstead House Leadership Streamlines Staff Costs 01/11/2017
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Names Leadership Team For 83rd Legislature 01/06/2017
Mike Caputo Statement from Delegate Mike Caputo on AFL-CIO Appointments 12/15/2016
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Statement On Passing of Ken Hechler 12/11/2016
Mike Caputo Statement from Delegate Mike Caputo regarding West Virginia AFL-CIO President Kenny Perdue’s retirement. 12/09/2016
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Statement on Mid-Year Budget Cuts 11/15/2016
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Statement on 2016 Legislative Elections 11/09/2016
Barbara Fleischauer Fleischauer and WVU Energy Center Director Visit Chinese Embassy 10/28/2016
Mark Zatezalo Delegate Mark Zatezalo To Speak At Governor's Energy Summit 10/04/2016
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Says Flood Relief Bill A Critical Step Toward Recovery 09/21/2016
Tim Armstead President Cole, Speaker Armstead Statement on Court of Claims Report 08/21/2016
Mick Bates Raleigh County Delegate Appointed to Tax Reform Committee 08/17/2016
Delegate Stansbury ; Delegate Stansbury To Host Addiction Summit Monday In Chesapeake 07/20/2016
Saira Blair Delegate Blair Secures Additional $500,000 For Blue Ridge Community and Technical College 06/21/2016
Mark Zatezalo Delegate Mark Zatezalo to Speak at the Energy Council 06/21/2016
Tim Armstead House Restores Volunteer Firefighter Funds To Budget 06/13/2016
Tim Armstead House Passes Balanced Budget 06/13/2016
Andrew Byrd,Matthew Rohrbach,Ron Walters Bipartisan Group of Legislators Return Special Session Pay to State 06/09/2016
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Responds To Governor's Budget Veto 06/08/2016
Tim Armstead House of Delegates Passes Budget Agreement 06/02/2016
Tim Armstead House of Delegates Passes Budget Bill 05/27/2016
Timothy Miley MEDIA ADVISORY - Democratic Leaders to Discuss Budget Crisis 05/26/2016
Timothy Miley Bipartisan Group of Legislators Fight for Bold and Responsible Government 05/24/2016
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Statement On Tobacco Tax Vote 05/24/2016
Tim Armstead Republican Delegates Say Tobacco Tax Compromise Will Help Solve Budget Crisis 05/23/2016
Justin Marcum Delegate Marcum Welcomes Hatfield McCoy Grant Funding to Southern West Virginia 05/20/2016
Timothy Miley Delegate Miley Requests Sustainability Study of Higher Education System 05/17/2016
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Reiterates Commitment To Promise Scholarship Funding 05/13/2016
Mike Caputo Statement from House Minority Whip Mike Caputo about former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship reporting to prison today 05/12/2016
Delegate Lane ; Delegate Lane Promotes Budget Plan That Avoids Tax Increases 04/27/2016
Barbara Fleischauer "Twitter Storm" To Ask Governor To Add Human Trafficking Bill To Special Session Agenda 04/12/2016
Mike Caputo Delegate Caputo Statement on Blankenship Sentencing 04/06/2016
Timothy Miley Delegate Miley Encourages PayPal to Consider West Virginia 04/05/2016
Delegate Kurcaba ; ; Delegate Kurcaba Disappointed in Veto of DOH Hiring Reform Bill 04/01/2016
Speaker Armstead ; ; ; Speaker Armstead, President Cole Reiterate Legislature's Commitment To Funding PEIA 03/23/2016
Timothy Miley Joint Statement From Senate Minority Leader Kessler, House Minority Leader Miley On Budget Failure 03/16/2016
Kelli Sobonya Delegate Kelli Sobonya Honored for Arts in Education 03/16/2016
Mick Bates The State of the State Budget 03/15/2016
Tim Armstead Joint Statement From President Cole, Speaker Armstead On New Revenue Projections 03/15/2016
Paul Espinosa Chairman Espinosa Lauds Productive Session For House Education Committee 03/14/2016
Tim Armstead House Of Delegates Completes 2016 Regular Session 03/13/2016
Mike Caputo,Linda Longstreth Marion Delegates Oppose Leadership Budget Bill 03/11/2016
Delegate Campbell, D. ; ; ; ; Delegate Denise Campbell Earns Legislative Leadership Award for the Arts 03/11/2016
Tim Armstead,Eric Nelson House of Delegates Passes Balanced Budget 03/11/2016
Justin Marcum Delegate Marcum Frustrated with Leadership Lack of Support for Jobs on Post-Mine Sites 03/09/2016
Tim Armstead,Eric Nelson House Finance Committee Approves Balanced Budget 03/08/2016
Justin Marcum Delegate Marcum's Road Bill Passes House 03/02/2016
Tim Armstead House Passes Bill to Direct Greyhound Subsidies to State Road Fund 03/01/2016
Tim Armstead House of Delegates Passes Bill To Prevent Unemployment Fund Insolvency 03/01/2016
Eric Nelson Tax Reform Committee Releases Tobacco Tax Study 03/01/2016
Justin Marcum Delegate Justin Marcum Vocalizes Support for House Bill 2852 02/29/2016
Mick Bates Delegate Mick Bates: Statement on House Bill 2704 02/29/2016
Timothy Miley Democrats Lead Effort to Stop Tax Increase Bill 02/29/2016
Eric Nelson Finance Chairman Eric Nelson Statement On House Bill 2704 02/29/2016
Tim Armstead This Week in the House of Delegates 02/28/2016
Eric Nelson House Finance Committee Passes Sales Tax Fairness Bill 02/27/2016
Timothy Miley House Democrats Fight to Fund PEIA 02/24/2016
Roger Hanshaw Drawing a Line in the Sand 02/23/2016
Delegate Cadle ; ; Right-To-Work and Prevailing Wage Votes Will Improve West Virginia 02/23/2016
Tim Armstead House Passes Ethics Reform Bills 02/23/2016
Matthew Rohrbach Delegate Rohrbach Proposes Bill To Create Infrastructure Improvement Projects 02/23/2016
Tim Armstead This Week in the House of Delegates 02/20/2016
Amy Summers Senator Walters and Delegate Summers Recognized by Mountain State Trauma and Injury Prevention Coalition 02/18/2016
Timothy Miley House Democrats Introduce Legislation to Fund Roads 02/17/2016
Timothy Miley House Democrats Propose Solution to PEIA Crisis 02/16/2016
Sean Hornbuckle Delegates Perdue and Hornbuckle Propose Legislation to Support Higher Education and Local Health Departments 02/15/2016
Daryl Cowles House Passes Bill To Allow Transportation Network Companies To Operate In W.VA. 02/15/2016
Mick Bates Legislature is Missing an Opportunity to Improve the Health of West Virginia 02/15/2016
Tim Armstead This Week in the House 02/13/2016
Delegate Kurcaba ; ; Delegate Kurcaba Offers Legislation to Address Fixing State Roadways 02/12/2016
Rupert Phillips Delegate Phillips Sponsors Bill To Aid Property Owners In Struggling Communities 02/11/2016
Tim Armstead House Passes Religious Freedom Restoration Act 02/11/2016
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Statement On Governor's Budget Commentary 02/11/2016
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Statement On Workplace Freedom, Prevailing Wage Vetoes 02/11/2016
Timothy Miley House Minority Leader Calls for Action on PEIA, Jobs 02/11/2016
Jill Upson Delegate Upson Expresses Concern Over Out-Of-State Spending Of Government Benefits 02/10/2016
Eric Nelson House Finance Committee Approves Three Bills To Promote Business Growth 02/10/2016
Rupert Phillips Delegate Phillips Praises Supreme Court Decision Halting Clean Power Plan 02/10/2016
Carol Miller Delegate Miller First GOP Woman To Preside Over House Of Delegates 02/10/2016
Timothy Miley House Democratic Leader Calls for Action on PEIA, Jobs 02/08/2016
Timothy Miley This Week in the House of Delegates

Mike Caputo Statement from Delegate Mike Caputo regarding the passing of Frank "Chunki" Angotti. 02/04/2016
John Overington Delegate Overington Comments On Passage Of Workplace Freedom Bill 02/04/2016
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Statement On Rainy Day Fund Amendment 02/01/2016
Tim Armstead This Week in the House of Delegates 01/29/2016
Timothy Miley House Democrats Push to Fund PEIA 01/29/2016
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Statement On Prevailing Wage Repeal Passage 01/27/2016
Barbara Fleischauer,Erikka Storch Equal Pay Can't Wait - West Virginia Legislature To Recognize Harm Of Gender Pay Gap 01/26/2016
Saira Blair Delegate Blair Named Chair Of Eastern Panhandle Caucus 01/26/2016
Matthew Rohrbach Delegate Rohrbach Responds to Huntington CSX Closure 01/20/2016
Barbara Fleischauer West Virginia Capitol To Host Visit From Mars 01/18/2016
Tim Armstead House Creates New Committee To Target Substance Abuse 01/13/2016
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Responds to the State of the State 01/13/2016
Delegate Miley ; ; ; House Democratic Caucus to Present 2016 Priorities Today 01/12/2016
Tim Armstead House Democratic Caucus Announces 2016 Legislative Priorities 01/12/2016
Barbara Fleischauer Fleischauer Prepares For Session 01/11/2016
Tim Armstead Delegate Paul Espinosa Named House Education Chair 01/04/2016
Gary Howell Delegate Howell Responds To Transfer Of National Guard Units 12/30/2015
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Praises West Virginia's Removal From ‘Judicial Hellhole’ List 12/17/2015
Delegate Hanshaw ;,Delegate Smith, R. ; ; Lawmakers To Host Broadband Forum Thursday 12/15/2015
Tim Armstead House Speaker Tim Armstead Responds To PEIA Board Actions 12/11/2015
Mike Caputo Statement from Delegate Mike Caputo (D-Marion) on Blankenship Verdict 12/03/2015
Amy Summers Delegate Summers To Host Town Hall On Natural Gas Issues December 1 In Grafton 11/24/2015
Gary Howell Delegate Howell Urges Tomblin To Resist Any Effort To Relocate Syrian Refugees To West Virginia 11/17/2015
Erikka Storch Delegate Storch, Senator Ferns To Host Tax Reform Public Comment Hearing November 19th In Wheeling 11/16/2015
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead, President Cole Respond To Right-To-Work Study Results 11/15/2015
Tim Armstead Statement from Speaker Armstead, President Cole on Biweekly Pay Delay 11/03/2015
Gary Howell,John Overington Delegates Howell, Overington Receive Citizenship Awards From National Society Of The Sons Of The American Revolution 10/30/2015
Tim Armstead Senate President Bill Cole, Speaker Tim Armstead Honored with State Legislative Achievement Award 10/28/2015
Michael Folk Delegate Folk To Host Education Forum With Peg Lusik November 11 In Martinsburg 10/28/2015
Joe Ellington,Marty Gearheart,John Shott Delegates To Host Tax Reform Public Comment Hearing November 10th In Bluefield 10/27/2015
Eric Householder Delegate Householder To Host Tax Reform Public Hearing October 13 in Martinsburg 10/08/2015
Eric Nelson Joint Select Committee on Tax Reform to Hold Public Hearing October 20 in Charleston 10/07/2015
Eric Nelson Joint Select Committee on Tax Reform to Meet October 5 in Charleston 10/02/2015
Tim Armstead Speaker Armstead Asks DHHR To Disclose and Reallocate Any Planned Parenthood Funding 09/22/2015
Rupert Phillips Delegate Rupie Phillips Blasts Proposed Stream Protection Rule 09/18/2015
Danny Wagner Delegates Trecost, Wagner Unveil Proposal Reforming Work Requirements For SNAP Benefits 09/16/2015
Eric Nelson Joint Select Committee on Tax Reform to Meet September 14 and 15 in Charleston 09/10/2015
Isaac Sponaugle Delegate Isaac Sponaugle Condemns the Governor Over Sugar Grove Naval Base 09/08/2015
Eric Nelson Joint Select Committee on Tax Reform To Meet August 31 in Charleston 08/27/2015
Barbara Fleischauer Fleischauer to Receive National Recognition From AARP For Caregiver Legislation 08/26/2015
Eric Nelson Joint Select Committee on Tax Reform to Meet August 17 in Charleston 08/13/2015
Isaac Sponaugle Delegate Isaac Sponaugle urges the Governor to accept the NIOC Sugar Grove Naval Base 08/11/2015
Tim Armstead Senate President Cole, Speaker Armstead Sign Letter to Revoke ‘Memorandum of Agreement’ Regarding Common Core Standards 08/04/2015
Tim Armstead Senate President Cole, Speaker of the House Armstead Pledge to Defend West Virginia's Coal Mining Industry 08/03/2015
Barbara Fleischauer Nonprofit That Has Put Women to Work for 15 Years Prepares to Shut Down 07/29/2015
Mike Caputo Statement from Delegate Mike Caputo regarding Century Aluminum’s announcement it is not going to reopen the Ravenswood plant 07/29/2015
Tim Armstead Joint Committee Issues Subpoena to WorkForce West Virginia for Prevailing Wage Documents 07/07/2015
Mike Caputo Statement from Delegate Mike Caputo (D-Marion) on the Expiration of Prevailing Wage 06/30/2015
Eric Nelson Joint Select Committee on Tax Reform to Meet June 29 in Charleston 06/26/2015
Barbara Fleischauer New Overdose Law Aims to Prevent Both Alcohol and Drug Deaths 06/11/2015
William Romine “Heroes Day” Receives Recognition Through House Resolution 06/08/2015
Barbara Fleischauer Delegate Fleischauer Hails New Law Empowering Caregivers 06/04/2015
Gary Howell Mineral County Delegate Working to Preserve History 06/03/2015
Eric Nelson Joint Select Committee on Tax Reform to Meet June 9 in Charleston 06/03/2015
Kelli Sobonya Taxpayer Funded Trinkets Now Banned 05/28/2015
Mick Bates Delegate Mick Bates Selected for Leadership Program 05/28/2015
Barbara Fleischauer,Joe Statler No Easy Fix 05/18/2015
Tim Armstead Media Advisory: Senate President Cole, Speaker Armstead Join to Support ARENA 05/15/2015
Eric Nelson Joint Select Committee on Tax Reform to Meet May 18 in Charleston 05/14/2015
Danny Hamrick Delegate Danny Hamrick Chosen to Meet With National Experts on Fixing Roads - Lawmaker Seeks Solutions to “Urgent Need for Harrison County” 05/13/2015
Eric Nelson Joint Select Committee on Tax Reform To Meet May 4 in Charleston 04/29/2015
Eric Nelson Co-Chairs of Joint Committee on Tax Reform highlight available resources and seek public comment 04/15/2015
Barbara Fleischauer Delegate Barbara Evans Fleischauer will host an Unhappy Hour to mark Equal Pay Day in Morgantown this Tuesday, April 14, 2015. 04/13/2015
Jeff Eldridge Delegate Eldridge Announces Defeat of Forced Pooling Bill 03/16/2015
Jeff Eldridge Delegate Eldridge Amends Retirement Bill to Provide Increased Protections 03/16/2015
Jeff Eldridge House Passes Immunization Exemption Bill 03/14/2015
Mike Caputo Statement From Delegate Mike Caputo 03/12/2015
Mike Pushkin Calls on Fundraiser Attendees to Help Save Mountaineer Food Bank 03/09/2015
Justin Marcum Delegate Marcum Stands Against Prevailing Wage 03/05/2015
Jeff Eldridge House Tables Drug Testing For Recipients of Federal Aid 03/04/2015
Jeff Eldridge Homestead Exemption Act Passes 03/04/2015
Timothy Miley House Democrats Increase Homestead Exemption 03/04/2015
Tim Armstead Veto Override of H.B. 2568 from Speaker Tim Armstead 03/04/2015
Mike Caputo Delegate Caputo Requests Veto of Coal Industry Legislation 03/04/2015
Jeff Eldridge Delegate Eldridge Votes Against Forced Pooling 03/04/2015
Gary Howell House Passes Bill to Make Chapter 30 Boards More Transparent 03/02/2015
Delegate Pasdon ; ; House Votes to Repeal Common Core Standards 02/28/2015
Mike Caputo Statement from Delegate Mike Caputo (D-Marion) on the Passage of Senate Bill 357 02/27/2015
Brad White Delegate Brad White Sponsors Bill to Protect Children 02/26/2015
Delegate Weld ; ; Delegate Weld Introduces Bills to Encourage Young People to Stay in West Virginia 02/26/2015
Justin Marcum Delegate Opposes Public Charter Schools 02/24/2015
Jeff Eldridge Charter Schools Bill Is Discharged From Senate Finance Committee 02/24/2015
Sean Hornbuckle Statement by Delegate Sean Hornbuckle (D-Cabell) - "Happy Birthday, Lincoln County" 02/23/2015
Justin Marcum Delegate Proposes a Tax Break for Businesses that Relocate to Reclaimed Mountaintop Removal Land 02/20/2015
Mick Bates Raleigh County Caucus Working Together Throughout Session 02/20/2015
Jeff Eldridge Delegate Eldridge Announces House Bill 2208 02/20/2015
Justin Marcum House of Delegates Stands in Support of Condemning Radical Islamic Group ISIS 02/19/2015
Jeff Eldridge Delegate Eldridge Announces Passage of Forced Pooling Bill in House Energy Committee 02/19/2015
Timothy Miley Constituents Make a Statement: Survey Results 02/17/2015
Tim Armstead House Celebrates WVU Day 02/13/2015
Jeff Eldridge Delegate Eldridge Announces Passage of the Pain Capable Unborn Child Act in the House 02/11/2015
Tim Armstead House Passes Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act 02/11/2015
Tim Armstead House Passes Two Major Bills 02/10/2015
Mike Caputo Delegate Caputo Fights for Mine Safety 02/07/2015
Delegate Arvon ;,Delegate Guthrie ;,Delegate Phillips, L. ;,Delegate Sobonya ; ; ; ; West Virginia Women’s Caucus Emphasizes the Importance of Following Sexual Assault Reporting Protocol 02/04/2015
Gary Howell Delegate Howell Introduces H.B. 2425 “Graduating Good Citizens Bill” 01/28/2015
Delegate Pasdon ; Statement from House Education Chairwoman, Amanda Pasdon 01/28/2015
Timothy Miley House Democratic Leader Tim Miley Asks Republican Speaker for Facts and Data to Support Claims that Repealing Legislation Will Save Coal Jobs 01/19/2015
Tim Armstead House Passes Economic Impact Statement 01/16/2015
Gary Howell Delegate Howell Ready For Chairmanship, Excited For Session 01/16/2015
Tim Armstead Armstead Selected as Republican House Speaker 01/14/2015
Tim Armstead West Virginia House of Delegates to Make History 01/13/2015
Timothy Miley Legislature to Stream Video of Floor Proceedings 01/12/2015
Tim Armstead Statement Republican Leader Tim Armstead on One-Year Anniversary of Water Crisis 01/09/2015
Tim Armstead Statement From Republican Leader Tim Armstead on One-Year Anniversary of Water Crisis 01/09/2015
Tim Armstead Statement From House Republican Leader Armstead on the Passing of Governor Arch A. Moore 01/08/2015
Tim Armstead Statement From House Republican Leader Armstead on the Passing of Marshall President Dr. Stephen Kopp 12/18/2014
Timothy Miley President Kopp’s Passing a Tremendous Loss 12/11/2014
Delegate Perdue ; ; Delegate Perdue Appointed to NSCL Vice Chairmanship 12/02/2014
Delegate Fleischauer ; Human Trafficking Forum in Morgantown on Monday, December 1st 11/25/2014
Delegate Fleischauer ; ; Wheeling Jesuit Hosts Human Trafficking Forum 11/19/2014
Speaker Miley ; ; ; ; House of Delegates Mourns Passing of Sergeant-At-Arms Emeritus 10/14/2014
Speaker Miley ; ; House Speaker Applauds Pipeline Partnership 09/02/2014
Delegate Guthrie ; ; Delegate Guthrie to Serve on Water Commission 09/02/2014
Speaker Miley ; Senate President and House Speaker Urge Governor to Call Brief Special Session 08/27/2014
Speaker Miley ; ; Speaker Applauds Bridgeport for Leading the Way Through Innovation 08/20/2014
Speaker Miley ; House members appointed to Juvenile Justice Task Force 08/13/2014
Speaker Miley ; ; Statement from House Speaker Tim Miley on the appointment of state schools Superintendent Dr. Michael Martirano 07/09/2014
Delegate Pethtel ; Lawmakers Help Keep Local State Police Detachment Open 07/09/2014
Delegate Fleischauer ; West Virginia Goes SANE 06/30/2014
Speaker Miley ; ; Legislative meetings to be held in North Central West Virginia 06/17/2014
Delegate Gearheart ;,Delegate Howell ;,Delegate Sobonya ; Republican Delegates Fought for Coal Before New EPA Standards 06/06/2014
Delegate Sobonya ; Delegate Sobonya Participating in Human Trafficking Discussion 05/23/2014
Speaker Miley ; ; A Statement from House Speaker Tim Miley 05/22/2014
Speaker Miley ; Funding for Children, Families Added to Appropriation Bill 05/21/2014
Delegate Armstead ; ; House Republicans Vote to Restore Vetoed Funding 05/21/2014
Speaker Miley ; Speaker, House Members Attending Business Incentive Conference 04/16/2014
Speaker Miley ; ; Senate President and House Speaker Urge Governor to Sign Minimum Wage Bill 03/27/2014
Speaker Miley ; ; House Leadership Disappointed at Members’ Budget ‘No’ Votes 03/14/2014
Speaker Miley ; ; Unusual, Productive Legislative Session Concludes 03/10/2014
Delegate Pethtel ; ; Delegate Pethtel Supports Fiscally Responsible Raise For Teachers, Service Personnel 03/05/2014
Delegate Caputo ; ; House Resolution Urges EPA to Work With States 03/03/2014
Delegate Marcum ; ; ; ; Delegate Marcum Addressing the House in Support of a Bill to Curb Pill Mills 03/03/2014
Delegate Marcum ; ; Tug Valley Basketball Champs Honored by House of Delegates 03/03/2014
Delegate Diserio ; ; ; ; ; Buy American Bill Passes the House 03/01/2014
Speaker Miley ; ; Delegates Agree: Water Protection Bill Should Move Forward In Regular Session 02/28/2014
Delegate Poore ; ; ; Delegates Ask For Special Session Focusing On Water 02/27/2014
Delegate Manchin ; Draft Committee Amendment Released for SB 373 02/27/2014
Delegate Manchin ; ; House Deliberations on Water Protections to Proceed 02/27/2014
Delegate Skaff ; House Passes Bills Benefitting Small Businesses 02/26/2014
Delegate Perry ;,Delegate Pino ;,Delegate Staggers ; ; Delegates Work to Protect Small Businesses 02/26/2014
Speaker Miley ; ; Government Fraud Prevention Act Would Have Protected Taxpayer Funds 02/25/2014
Speaker Miley ; ; House Passes Attorney General Ethics Act 02/24/2014
Delegate Young ; ; Young Applauds Frontier Expansion in Nicholas County 02/21/2014
Delegate Young ; ; Young Pleased Legislation Supporting Workers Passed House 02/21/2014
Speaker Miley ; ; ; House Speaker Asks Attorney General to Express AG Ethics Act Objections in Committee 02/19/2014
Delegate Craig ; ; Public Hearing Monday on Drilling Waste Disposal Bill 02/17/2014
Delegate Manchin ; House Judiciary to Re-examine False Claims Legislation 02/17/2014
Delegate Espinosa ; ; Delegate Introduces Legislation That Would Require Regular Review Of State Agencies 02/12/2014
Speaker Miley ; ; House Committee Kicks Off Small Business Listening Tour 02/12/2014
Delegate Marcum ; ; ; House Passes School Takeover Fairness Bill 02/11/2014
Delegate Espinosa ;,Delegate Pasdon ; House Republicans Committed To Protecting Teachers' Voice 02/07/2014
Delegate Howell ; ; ; Delegate Looks Toward Inter-Connectivity For Solution To Water Woes 02/05/2014
Delegate Guthrie ; ; ; Delegate Guthrie Urges Strong Action on Water Bill 02/04/2014
Speaker Miley ; ; House Public Hearing Can be Viewed Live 02/03/2014
Delegate Perdue ; ; ; House to Hold Public Hearing on Water Legislation Monday 01/31/2014
Delegate Poore ; ; ; Delegate Poore Calls for Renewed Water Distribution, Town Hall Meeting 01/29/2014
Delegate Marcum ; Delegate Marcum Seeks to Bring Fairness to School Takeovers 01/28/2014
Speaker Miley ; ; A statement from the House of Delegates regarding Delegate Barill 01/25/2014
Delegate Armstead ; ; Statement of Delegate Tim Armstead on Ongoing Water Crisis 01/16/2014
Speaker Miley ;,Delegate Boggs ;,Delegate Skaff ;,Delegate White ; ; House Leaders Introduce West Virginia Small Business Emergency Act 01/15/2014
Speaker Miley ; ; House Leadership Seeks to Help Small Businesses in Emergencies 01/10/2014
Speaker Miley ; ; Statement from the West Virginia House of Delegates Leadership regarding the recent passing of former Webster County Delegate Joseph B. Talbott 01/07/2014
Delegate Swartzmiller ;,Delegate Diserio ;,Delegate Jones ; Legislators Obtain Small Cities Block Grant for Sewer Extension Project 01/07/2014
Delegate Armstead ; House Republicans Seek Bold Solutions to Challenges Facing West Virginia in 2014 01/07/2014
Speaker Miley ; ; ; Final Two Planks of the House Leadership Agenda 01/07/2014
Speaker Miley Two of the Final Four Planks of House Leadership Agenda 01/06/2014
Speaker Miley WV House of Delegates Leadership Unveils the First Plank of its Platform for the 2014 Legislative Session 01/05/2014
Speaker Miley Legislative Auditor Finds Suspicious Activity Within WV Dept. of Agriculture 01/02/2014
Delegate Boggs Legislature to Hold Community Services Block Grant Public Hearing 01/02/2014
Speaker Miley House Leadership Concerned about Flood Insurance Increases 12/30/2013
Delegate Guthrie Kanawha Delegate Asks Medical Board to Investigate Doctor’s Abortion Injury Claims 12/20/2013
Delegate Phillips, L. Crimes Against Children Committee Calls for New State Trooper Class 12/10/2013
Delegate Skaff New House Small Business Panel Gathering in Charleston 12/09/2013
Speaker Miley A Statement From House Speaker Miley Regarding Delegate Ferns’ Announcement This Morning 11/25/2013
Speaker Miley Press Conference to be Hosted Today by Speaker Miley 11/20/2013
Speaker Miley New House Committee to Foster Small Business Growth 11/20/2013
Delegate Howell Delegate Howell Named National Chairman of State Auto Caucus | Specialty Equipment Market Association 11/18/2013
Speaker Miley House Speaker: Cracker News a Great Sign of West Virginia’s Progress 11/14/2013
Delegate Fleischauer Delegate Secures Funding For Veterans Legal Services - More Matching Funds Needed 11/07/2013
Delegate Skinner Delegate Praises Guard Professionalism in Review of ID Card Issues 11/07/2013
Delegate Poore Delegate Poore chosen to serve with Council for the United States and Italy 10/29/2013
Delegate Fleischauer West Virginia Team Tackles Childhood Obesity 10/07/2013
Speaker Miley Legislature Reviewing State Purchasing Laws, Grant Oversight 09/24/2013
Delegate Hunt Kanawha Delegate Leading Study on Protecting Insured Homeowners 09/23/2013
Delegate Skinner Delegate Questions Oversight of Unlicensed Care at Pregnancy Centers 08/19/2013
Delegate White Mingo Delegates Call for Additional Circuit Judge 08/19/2013
Delegate Phillips, L. Select Committee on Crimes Against Children to Meet Tomorrow Morning 08/19/2013
Delegate Phillips, L. Women of Legislature to Study Crimes Against Children 07/22/2013
Delegate Manchin Manchin Pleased to Lead House Judiciary Committee 07/19/2013
Speaker Miley House Speaker Announces Strong Leadership Team 07/18/2013
Speaker Miley Harrison County Delegate Tim Miley Chosen to Lead House 06/18/2013
Delegate Swartzmiller House to Convene Tuesday to Choose New Speaker 06/17/2013
Delegate Howell Delegate Howell Seeks balanced Highway Solutions, Not Higher Taxes 05/30/2013
Delegate Fleischauer Human Trafficking Bill Will Give Hope to Victims 05/06/2013
Speaker Thompson House Adjourns Successful 1st Session of the 81st Legislature 04/14/2013
Delegate Marcum Marcum Sponsors Resolution to Build Bridge 04/05/2013
Delegate Marcum Official Statement Regarding the Death of Sheriff Eugene Crum 04/03/2013
Delegate White Statement From House Finance Chairman Harry Keith White on the Death of Mingo County Sheriff Eugene Crum 04/03/2013
Delegate Marcum House Passes Grand Jury Bill 04/03/2013
Speaker Thompson House Passes Methane Monitoring Tax Credit 04/02/2013
Delegate Marcum Marcum Backs Miner's Rights 04/02/2013
Delegate Caputo House joins Caputo in calling for the protection of mine workers' pensions and health care 03/25/2013
Speaker Thompson Legislation to Establish Job Creation Task Force Introduced 03/21/2013
Delegate Poore Media Advisory - Community Forum with Delegate Poore Tonight 03/05/2013
Delegates Linda Phillips and Ruth Rowan Women of the House of Delegates Working Together 02/20/2013
Delegate Justin Marcum Marcum Introduces Grand Jury Bill 02/20/2013
Delegate Justin Marcum Marcum Introduces Bill to Make Hatfield and McCoy License Plate 02/19/2013
Delegate Gary Howell Delegate Howell Continues to Fight for West Virginia Coal 02/18/2013
Minority Leader Tim Armstead Media Advisory - REPUBLICAN CAUCUS TO HOLD PRESS CONFERENCE 02/12/2013
Delegate Brady Paxton Paxton Appointed Chair to Homeland Security Committee 02/11/2013
Delegate Meshea Poore Delegate Poore Helps Promote New Dropout Prevention Program 01/16/2013
Delegates Barbara Evans Fleischauer and Richard Iaquinta West Virginia Military Study Results Released 01/08/2013
Delegate Don Perdue House Health Chairman Given Leadership Position in National Legislative Advocacy Group 10/10/2012
House Majority Leader Brent Boggs House Majority Leader Appointed to Southern States Energy Board 09/05/2012
Delegate Barbara Evans Fleischauer Mon. County Readaloud Celebrates 20 Years: West Virginia Children's Author Marc Harshman to Speak 08/10/2012
Delegate Tim Armstead Statement on Food Tax Reduction 06/28/2012
Delegate Barbara Fleischauer Autism Law Now in Effect: Challenges Ahead 06/19/2012
Majority Leader Brent Boggs WV House Majority Leader Calls for Congressional Hearings on Medicare Changes 05/18/2012
Delegate Armstead House Minority Leader Lauds Passage of Revised Public Hearing Process 04/05/2012
Majority Leader Brent Boggs Majority Leader urges passage of magistrate salary equalization bill 03/06/2012
Delegate Meshea Poore Women lawmakers from around the world visiting House Women’s Caucus 03/05/2012
Delegate Bonnie Brown Delegate Brown Receives Civil Rights Award 02/29/2012
Delegate Meshea Poore, Delegate Charlene Marshall Delegates Poore, Marshall Join National Organization of Black Elected Legislative Women in Support of the Internet Essentials Program from Comcast 02/28/2012
Delegate Clif Moore WV AFL-CIO Donates to McDowell New Housing Project 02/24/2012
Delegate Mike Manypenny “Energy Efficiency Resource Standard” Introduced in House of Delegates 02/03/2012
Delegates L. Phillips, R. Phillips, Hall and White Lawmakers Visit With Constituents During Wyoming County Day 02/02/2012
Delegate Phillip Diserio Delegate Diserio Sworn In Today 01/24/2012
Delegate Meshea Poore Legislative Wellness Program Starts Wednesday 01/17/2012
Delegate Bonnie Brown Delegate Brown Appointed to Council of State Government Committee 01/10/2012
Minority Leader Tim Armstead Republican Caucus to Hold Press Conference 01/09/2012
Delegate Steven Kominar and Delegate H.K. White House Bill to Establish Natural Gas Horizontal Well Control Act Passes Legislature 12/15/2011
Delegates White and Kominar Delbarton Small Cities Block Grant Funding Procured by Mingo Delegates 12/13/2011
Majority Leader Brent Boggs and Delegate David Walker Delegates Boggs and Walker Applaud Grants for Waterline Extension Projects 12/13/2011
Delegate Don Perdue Delegate Perdue Chosen Vice Chair of National Legislative Health Group 11/29/2011
Delegate Meshea Poore Public Encouraged to Participate in Forum to Address Local Dropout Issue 11/28/2011
Joint Select Committee on Marcellus Shale Legislature’s Joint Select Committee on Marcellus Shale Sunday meeting cancelled 11/10/2011
Joint Select Committee on Marcellus Shale Legislature’s Marcellus Committee to Meet Sunday 11/08/2011
Delegate Meshea Poore Delegate Poore Attending President’s Conference on African American Policy 11/08/2011
Delegates White and Kominar Wastewater Treatment Facility/Air Transportation Park Funding Procured 09/30/2011
Delegate Bonnie Brown Delegate Brown Receives Rehabilitation Services Award 09/29/2011
Delegates White and Kominar Community Participation Grants Fund Projects in Mingo County 09/27/2011
Delegates White and Kominar Mingo County Delegates Secure Grant Funding for Kermit K-8 Field 09/23/2011
Delegate Harry Keith White House Finance Chairman Pleased With Bill Signings 08/24/2011
House Leadership House Leaders Commend Kanawha Delegation for Redistricting Work 08/05/2011
Joint Select Committee on Marcellus Shale Marcellus Shale hearings wrap up Wednesday in Clarksburg 07/26/2011
Joint Select Committee on Marcellus Shale First Marcellus Shale hearing tonight Clarksburg location announced 07/21/2011
Minority Leader Tim Armstead Delegate John O’Neal Appointed to House Judiciary Committee 07/20/2011
Minority Leader Tim Armstead Delegate Border Appointed to Serve on Government Organization Committee 07/20/2011
Minority Leader Tim Armstead Delegate Andes Appointed to House Finance Committee 07/20/2011
Joint Select Committee on Marcellus Shale First House Public Hearing on Marcellus is Thursday in Wheeling 07/18/2011
Delegate Tim Manchin Public Input on Marcellus Legislation Sought 07/15/2011
Minority Leader Tim Armstead Minority Whip, Republican Caucus Chair Named 07/13/2011
House Select Committee On Redistricting House Redistricting Committee meets Wednesday 07/12/2011
Delegate Tim Manchin House Members of Select Committee on Marcellus Shale Appointed 06/23/2011
Majority Leader Brent Boggs House Redistricting Committee meets next week, has new web page 06/09/2011
House of Delegates House Mourns Delegate Border 06/08/2011
House Majority Whip Mike Caputo House Majority Whip: Stanford Study Linking Union Participation, Safety Noteworthy 05/25/2011
Delegate Meshea Poore Delegate Poore to Travel to Pakistan, India as Part of Political Exchange 05/09/2011
Majority Leader Brent Boggs Statement from House Majority Leader Brent Boggs regarding the late Delegate Dale Martin 05/04/2011
Majority Whip Mike Caputo Statement from House Majority Whip Mike Caputo regarding the death of Delegate Dale Martin 05/04/2011
Majority Leader Brent Boggs House Majority Leader Boggs Applauds Passage of H.B. 2362 03/16/2011
Delegate Barbara Hatfield Subcommittee Advances Nurse-Patient Ratio Bill 02/24/2011
Delegate Moore Public Hearing Held to Discuss Herbert Henderson Office of Minority of Affairs Legislation 02/08/2011
Delegate Richard Iaquinta House Veterans Committee moves into Legislative Session with a firm footing 02/02/2011
Delegate Kump Delegate Kump Discusses Election Bill. Other Issues 02/01/2011
Delegate Kump Delegate Kump Discusses Legislative Issues 01/20/2011
Delegate Howell Intrastate Coal and Use Act Introduced in House of Delegates 01/19/2011
Delegate Sobonya Bills Promoting Public Safety and Child Protection to be Introduced During Session 01/14/2011
Delegate Virginia Mahan Delegate Mahan Appointed to Court Improvement Board 11/18/2010
Delegates Virginia Mahan & Ricky Moye Delegates Working to Restart Summers ARH Talks 11/18/2010
Delegate Brent Boggs Majority Leader applauds donation to Mountaineer Food Bank 11/17/2010
House Majority Leader Brent Boggs Braxton residents dedicate armory addition during Veterans Day celebration 11/12/2010
Delegate Fleischauer Monongalia Delegate Applauds Comcast Service Expansion 10/28/2010
Select Committee on Veterans’ Affairs WV Legislative Committee to Meet with Wife of Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair by Teleconference 10/12/2010
H.K. White West Virginia House Finance Chairman Harry Keith White Named to Leadership Post of National Conference of State Legislatures 10/04/2010
Majority Whip Mike Caputo Statement from House Majority Whip Mike Caputo regarding Senator Robert C. Byrd’s passing 06/28/2010
Minority Leader Tim Armstead Remarks from West Virginia House Minority Leader Tim Armstead on the passing of United States Senator Robert C. Byrd 06/28/2010
Delegate Sumner LOCEA Requests Additional Funding for New River Community and Technical College 06/03/2010
Don Perdue Portion of Zyprexa money to go to substance abuse 05/19/2010
Marion County Delegation Marion Delegation, Erin’s Family Witness Signing of Erin’s Law 05/13/2010
Delegate Mike Caputo Statement from House Majority Whip Mike Caputo, D-Marion, regarding the Performance Coal accident 04/06/2010
Terry Walker Delegate Terry Walker Welcomes Housing Index Bill 03/13/2010
Terry Walker Delegate Terry Walker Celebrates Completion of 10-10-10 Bill 03/13/2010
Delegates White and Kominar Mingo County Delegation Urges Senate to Support Coal Severance Tax Legislation 03/05/2010
Delegate Sam Cann Child Health Care Bill Passes House 03/04/2010
Delegate Steve Kominar & Delegate Tom Campbell House Workgroup Members Praise State Retirement Board 03/03/2010
Delegate Sam Cann Delegate Sam Cann (D - Harrison) Appointed to Coal Mining Permit Committee 03/02/2010
Delegate Sam Cann 41st District Delegate Announces Nearly $1 Million in Community Initiative Funds 02/25/2010
Tal Hutchins and Orphy Klempa Delegates Honor 2008 Ohio County Division of Corrections Employee of the Year 02/16/2010
Delegate Pat McGeehan Delegate Pat McGeehan to Hold Economic Summit 01/19/2010
Brent Boggs House Majority Leader Praises Glenville State College’s Contribution 01/18/2010
Del. David Walker State Legislators Discuss Disabled Persons Employment Program 01/15/2010
Delegate Armstead Republican Caucus to Hold Press Conference 01/11/2010
Brent Boggs Group Seeking $2.7 Million to Provide Broadband Access to 7 Counties in Central WV 12/21/2009
Delegate Nancy Guthrie Lessons Learned at Harvard 12/07/2009
David Walker Veterans and Active Duty Service Personnel Have Educational Opportunities 12/03/2009
Shook, Marshall, Fleischauer and Beach Delegates Net Quarter Million in Grants 11/12/2009
Barabara Evans Fleischauer Fleischauer Says Women Should Not be Treated as a Pre-existing Condition 11/04/2009
Delegate Bob Tabb Delegate Tabb Resigning from House 10/19/2009
Barbara Evans Fleischauer Legislature too Investigate Dunkard Creek Fish Kill 10/13/2009
Delegate Don Perdue Joint House-Senate Committee to Help Legislature Prepare for H1N1 09/22/2009
Delegates Hatfield, Martin, Perry and Webster A number of West Virginia lawmakers met today at the State Capitol with members of the National Silver Haired Congress 08/06/2009
Mike Caputo, House Majority Whip House Majority Whip Condemns PEIA Board Decision 07/30/2009
Speaker Thompson, Delegate Hunt Speaker Thompson, Delegate Hunt Applaud Completion of Autism Legislation 06/30/2009
House Labor Caucus House Labor Caucus Urges PEIA Board to Reject Proposal 06/17/2009
Don Perdue Health Chairmen Disappointed by Vetos 06/05/2009
Richard Thompson, Speaker Leadership Commends Legislative Staff 05/29/2009
Mike Caputo Caputo Pleased that PEIA Board will Revisit Decision 05/21/2009
Education Committee House Education Committee Focuses on Total Instruction Time 04/08/2009
Monongalia County Delegates Beach, Fleischauer, Marshall, Shook Higher Education Governing Advances 04/08/2009
Pat McGeehan Delegate Pat McGeehan (R-Hancock) will be sponsoring and hosting an Energy Independence Summit 04/07/2009
Barbara Evans Fleischauer Delegate Barbara Fleischauer Uses Internet Technology to Open Communication Lines 02/19/2009
Jack Yost Delegate Yost Mentors Intern During Session, Appreciates Internship Program 03/03/2008
Delegate Ralph Rodighiero Delegate Ralph Rodighiero introduced a new piece of legislation titled Autism Insurance Bill 01/17/2008
Delegates Eldridge, Ellis, Hrutkay and Rodighiero The 19th district delegation has posted a nearly perfect 99.999 percent voting record. 01/15/2008
John Doyle Delegate John Doyle will host a legislative town meeting 01/09/2008
John Ellem HB 2770, Enhancing Penalties for Acts Against Court Officers, was Adopted by Judiciary Committee 02/02/2007
Clif Moore The National Coal Heritage Area Authority To Assist in Development of Coalwood Way 01/12/2007
Jeff Eldridge Delegate Jeff Eldridge Uncovers Discrepancies in Juvenile Center 04/13/2005
Larry A. Williams House Paves Way to Renew Funds for the West Virginia University Rifle Team 04/09/2005
Ron Thompson Arnett Bridge To Be Dedicated 04/09/2005
Larry A. Williams Mountaineer Challenge Academy Students perform at Capitol 04/04/2005
Linda Longstreth Marion County Delegation Sponsors Bill Concerning Electronic Voting Machines 03/30/2005
Jack Yost Delegate Yost Shadowed During Week Long Internship 03/11/2005
Patrick Lane Del. Lane Has Method to Break Even after Food Tax Removal 03/07/2005
Larry Williams, Robert Beach and David Perry Bugler Bill Passes Through the House and Senate 02/21/2005
Ron Thompson Bugler Visits House for Solemn Demonstration 02/18/2005
Mike Caputo House Bill to Develop School Choice Zones Addressing Length of Student Bus Travel 02/17/2005
Mike Caputo House Members Recognize the Contributions of the Civilian Conservation Corps 02/15/2005
Ron Thompson West Virginia Lawmaker Excited for New Program 02/10/2005
Ron Thompson West Virginia Lawmaker Heads Capitol Ministries Group 02/10/2005
John Doyle, Robert Tabb and Locke Wysong Jefferson County Delegation Preserves Funding for Racetrack Purses 01/29/2005

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