Joint Legislative Oversight Commission on State Water Resources

The recent chemical spill that contaminated the Elk River in Charleston, West Virginia, on January 9, 2014, not only left 300,000 West Virginians without water, but breached the trust between state government and the subjugated citizens.

In 2004, the Joint Legislative Oversight Commission on Water Resources was created to focus on ensuring that all citizenry of West Virginia have access to clean water. It is the public policy of the State of West Virginia to protect and conserve the water resources of the state. The Water Resources Protection Act established the need for a statewide water resources management plan in order to protect this invaluable natural resource. The West Virginia Legislature is currently reviewing the recently completed plan and creating the Aboveground Storage Tank Water Resources Protection Act. It is the determination of the Legislature to not only protect the waters and the citizenry, but to regain the trust of West Virginians by taking the necessary precautions to prevent future disasters.

Co-Chairs Senate Majority Leader John Unger and Delegate Mike Manypenny have decided to begin a series of meetings involving affected agencies, interest groups, and the public to further investigate the events surrounding the chemical spill. We encourage you to help us in our effort to protect and conserve this very vital resource. We welcome your input and hope that you will take advantage of all resources below.

2014 Minutes

› MINUTES January 17, 2014
› MINUTES January 22, 2014
› MINUTES January 24, 2014
› MINUTES January 29, 2014
› MINUTES February 05, 2014
› MINUTES February 07, 2014
› MINUTES February 12, 2014
› MINUTES May 20, 2014
› MINUTES June 17, 2014
› MINUTES August 25, 2014
› MINUTES September 08, 2014
› MINUTES October 20, 2014

Senate Bill 373

› SB 373

Water Resources Protection Act

› §22-26-1

West Virginia Water Resources Management Plan


2014 PDF Documents

› Above Ground Storage Tank Guidance Document.pdf
› API 2350 Guide.pdf
› Bureau for Public Health Packet.pdf
› Congress Water Resolution Spill 2014.pdf
› Elk River Chemical Spill Presentation.pdf
› Freedom spill report 1-20-14.pdf
› Friends of Cheat Watershed Power Point.pdf
› Hansen presentation water resources.pdf
› History of Friends of the Cheat.pdf
› History of the Morris Creek Watershed Association.pdf
› Morris Creek Watershed Power Point.pdf
› Senator Unger's Letter to President Obama.pdf
› Senator Unger's Press Release re Fed Gov.pdf
› Warm Springs Watershed Power Point.pdf

2014 Videos

February 21, 2014
› Michael Dorsey

February 12, 2014
› Dr. Tierney
› Rich Ireland

February 07, 2014
› Jimmy Gianato

February 05, 2014
› Dr. Gupta and Dr. Tierney

January 29, 2014
› Part 1 (Don Garvin)
› Part 2 ( Dr. Scott Simonton)

January 24, 2014
› Meeting (Rafael Moure-Eraso, Johnnie Banks, and General James Hoyer)

January 22, 2014
› Meeting (Evan Hansen)

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