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§8-27-14. Bonds generally.

The authority is hereby empowered and authorized to provide by resolution, from time to time, for the issuance of revenue bonds of the authority for the purpose of paying all or any part of the cost of acquiring, constructing or improving a system or systems, or any part thereof, or the facilities and equipment therefor, as the case may be, or for any other purpose or project authorized by the provisions of this article. The purposes for which revenue bonds may be issued may include the payment of all costs and estimated costs incidental to or connected with the accomplishment of such purpose or project including, without limitation, engineering, inspection and legal fees, the fees of fiscal agents and financial consultants and other fees, bond and other reserve funds, working capital, bond interest estimated to accrue during the construction period and for a period not to exceed two years thereafter, and expenses of all proceedings for the authorization, issuance and sale of the bonds.

The bonds of each issue shall be dated and shall bear interest at such rate or rates as are approved by the authority, payable semiannually, and shall mature at such time or times not exceeding forty years from their date or dates as may be determined by the authority, and may be made redeemable before maturity, at the option of the authority, at such price or prices and under such terms and conditions as may be fixed by the authority prior to the issuance of the bonds. The authority shall determine the form of the bonds, including any interest coupons to be attached thereto, and shall fix the denomination or denominations of the bonds and the place or places of payment of the principal and interest, which may be at any banking institution or trust company within or without the state. The bonds shall be signed by the president of the authority or shall bear his facsimile signature, and the official seal of the authority, or a facsimile thereof, shall be impressed or imprinted thereupon and attested by the secretary of the authority, and any coupons attached to the bonds shall bear the facsimile signature of the president of the authority. All such signatures, countersignatures and seal may be printed, lithographed or mechanically reproduced, except that one of such signatures or countersignatures on the bonds shall be manually affixed, unless the resolution authorizing the issuance of such bonds shall otherwise provide. If any officer whose signature or countersignature or a facsimile of whose signature or countersignature appears on bonds or coupons ceases to be such officer before the delivery of the bonds, his signature shall be as effective as if he had remained in office until such delivery. The bonds may be issued in coupon or in registered form, or both, as each authority may determine and provision may be made for the registration of any coupon bonds as to principal alone, and also as to both principal and interest, for the reconversion into coupon bonds of any bonds registered as to both principal and interest, and for the interchange of registered and coupon bonds. Notwithstanding the form or tenor thereof, and in the absence of any express recital on the face thereof that the bond is nonnegotiable, all such bonds shall be, and shall be treated as, negotiable instruments for all purposes except when registered in the name of a registered owner.

The authority may exchange its bonds, in whole or in part, for any system or systems, or any parts thereof, or facilities and equipment therefor, or may sell its bonds, in whole or in part, in such manner either at public or private sale and for such price as it may determine will best effect the purposes of this article and be for the best interest of the authority: Provided, That if the bonds be issued the minimum price for which they may be exchanged or at which they may be sold shall be such that the interest cost to the authority of the proceeds of the bonds shall not exceed the interest rate per annum thereon computed to maturity according to the standard table of bond values.

Prior to the preparation of definitive bonds, the authority may, under like restrictions, issue interim receipts or temporary bonds with or without coupons, exchangeable for definitive bonds when such bonds shall have been executed and are available for delivery. The authority may also provide for the replacement of any bonds which shall become mutilated or shall be destroyed or lost.

The authority is hereby empowered and authorized to provide by resolution, from time to time, for the issuance, sale or exchange of revenue refunding bonds of such authority for the purpose of refunding any bonds then outstanding which shall have been issued under the provisions of this article, including the payment of any redemption premium thereon, and any interest accrued or to accrue to the date of redemption of such bonds, and the payment of all expenses incidental thereto. The authority is further empowered and authorized to provide by resolution, from time to time, for the issuance, sale or exchange of revenue bonds of such authority for the combined purpose of refunding any bonds then outstanding, as herein provided, and paying all or any part of the cost of any additional project or projects. All provisions of this article applicable to the issuance of revenue bonds are applicable to the issuance of refunding bonds and to the sale or exchange thereof.

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