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§29-22B-402. Powers and duties of the state Lottery Commission.

In addition to any other powers and duties set forth in this article or article 22 of this chapter, the Lottery Commission has the following powers and duties:

(1) To propose legislative rules for promulgation by the Legislature in accordance with the provisions of article 29A-3-1, et seq., of this code, governing the licensing, conduct, and operation of limited video lottery that may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this article. The director shall prepare and submit to the Lottery Commission written recommendations concerning proposed legislative rules for this purpose;

(2) To propose other rules for promulgation as provided in article 29A-3-1, et seq., of this code not inconsistent with this article which the commission in its discretion believes to be necessary. Authority to propose rules includes the authority to propose amendments to rules and to propose repealing rules;

(3) Notwithstanding any other provision of this code to the contrary, proposed legislative rules for this article filed in the state register by August 1, 2001, may be filed as emergency rules.

(4) To conduct hearings upon complaints charging violations of this article or applicable rules, and to conduct other hearings as may be required by this article or rules of the Lottery Commission;

(5) To enter into written agreements with the State Police and local law-enforcement agencies for the conduct of identification and investigation of applicants, licensees or employees in accordance with the provisions of this article, including, but not limited to, (A) performing background investigations and criminal records checks and (B) investigating possible violations that may be discovered as a result of an investigatory process or discovered by the Tax Commissioner, the Alcohol Beverage Control Commissioner or the Lottery Commission in the course of conducting their respective business. Disclosure to the State Police or other law-enforcement officials of a possible violation of this article and material facts related thereto shall not be deemed to be an unauthorized disclosure of information under section 11-10-5d of this code. Nothing in this section prevents or impairs the State Police or local law-enforcement agencies from engaging in the activities set forth in this subdivision on their own initiative;

(6) To conduct a continuous study and investigation of limited video lottery throughout the state (A) to ascertain any defects in this article or in legislative rules that may conflict with the purposes of this article, (B) to discover any abuses in the administration, control and oversight of limited video lottery or (C) to discover any violation of this article or applicable legislative rules;

(7) To formulate and recommend proposed legislation amending this article or any applicable legislative rule so as to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of this article;

(8) To report immediately to the Governor, the Speaker of the House of Delegates, the President of the Senate, the minority leaders of both houses, and such other state officers as the Lottery Commission deems appropriate concerning any laws which it determines may require immediate amendment to prevent abuses and violations of this article or any applicable rule or to remedy undesirable conditions in connection with the administration or the operation of limited video lottery;

(9) To require such special reports from the director as it considers necessary;

(10) To issue licenses to those involved in the ownership, participation, or conduct of limited video lottery;

(11) To delegate to the director the authority to issue or deny licenses and renewals under criteria established by the commission;

(12) Upon complaint, or upon its own motion, to levy civil penalties and to suspend or revoke licenses that the Lottery Commission has issued for failure to comply with any applicable provision of this article or rule of the commission;

(13) To establish and collect fees upon persons, licenses, and gaming devices used in, or participating in, limited video lottery as provided in this article or rule of the commission;

(14) To obtain all information from licensees and other persons and agencies which the Lottery Commission deems necessary or desirable in the conduct of its business;

(15) To issue subpoenas for the appearance or production of persons, records, and things in connection with applications before the Lottery Commission or in connection with disciplinary or contested cases considered by the Lottery Commission;

(16) To apply for injunctive or declaratory relief to enforce the provisions of this article and any rules promulgated pursuant to this article;

(17) To impose and collect civil penalties as provided for under this article;

(18) To inspect and examine without notice all premises wherein limited video lottery is conducted or devices or equipment used in limited video lottery are located, manufactured, sold, or distributed, and to summarily seize, remove, and impound, without notice or hearing from such premises any equipment, devices, supplies, books, or records for the purpose of examination or inspection;

(19) To exercise other incidental powers as may be necessary to ensure the safe and orderly regulation of limited gaming and the secure collection of all revenues, including, but not limited to, taxes, fees, civil penalties and other moneys due the commission;

(20) To establish internal control procedures for licensees, including accounting procedures, reporting procedures, and personnel policies;

(21) To establish and collect fees for performing background checks on all applicants for licenses and on all persons with whom the commission may agree with or contract with for the providing of goods or services, as the commission deems appropriate;

(22) To establish and collect fees for performing, or having performed, tests on equipment and devices to be used in limited video lottery;

(23) To demand, at any time when business is being conducted, access to and inspection, examination, photocopying, and auditing of all papers, books, and records of applicants and licensees, on their premises or elsewhere as practicable by authorized employees or agents of the commission and in the presence of the licensee or his or her agent, pertaining to the gross income produced by any licensed gaming establishment and to require verification of income, and all other matters affecting the enforcement of the policies of the Lottery Commission or any provision of this article; and to impound or remove all papers, books, and records of applicants and licensees, without hearing, for inspection or examination; and

(24) To prescribe voluntary alternative methods for the making, filing, signing, subscribing, verifying, transmitting, receiving, or storing of returns, writings or other documents.

§29-22B-1402. Resolution of discrepancies.

(a) The commission's central control computer shall keep accurate records of all income generated by each video lottery terminal. The commission shall prepare and send to the permittee a statement by mail, facsimile or Internet e-mail reflecting the gross terminal income generated by the licensee's video lottery terminals. Each permittee shall report to the commission any discrepancies between the commission's statement and each terminal's mechanical and electronic meter readings.

(b) The permittee is solely responsible for resolving income discrepancies between actual money collected and the amount shown on the accounting meters or on the commission's billing statement.

(c) The licensed operator is solely responsible for paying the negotiated share of net terminal income, to each limited video lottery retailer to whom it has supplied video lottery terminals under the provisions of this article.

(d) Each limited video lottery retailer's periodic distribution from the appropriate operator shall be paid by check or by electronic funds transfer to the limited video lottery retailer's designated bank account.

(e) Until an accounting discrepancy is resolved in favor of the permittee, the commission may make no credit adjustments.

(f) For any video lottery terminal reflecting a discrepancy, the permittee shall submit to the commission the maintenance log which includes current mechanical meter readings and the audit ticket which contains electronic meter readings generated by the terminal's software.

(g) If the meter readings and the commission's records cannot be reconciled, final disposition of the matter shall be determined by the commission.

(h) Any accounting discrepancies that cannot be otherwise resolved shall be resolved in favor of the commission.

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