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§64-7-6. Athletic Commission.

The legislative rule filed in the State Register on July 28, 2011, authorized under the authority of section three-a, article five-a, chapter twenty-nine of this code, modified by the Athletic Commission to meet the objections of the Legislative Rule-Making Review Committee and refiled in the State Register on January 6, 2012, relating to the Athletic Commission (mixed martial arts, 177 CSR 2), is authorized, with the following amendments:

On pages three and four, §177-2.5., by striking out all of §177-2.5.;

And, inserting in lieu thereof a new §177-2.5., to read as follows:

"§177-2.5. Venues must have a minimum seating capacity of 2,500 and video replay capabilities in good working order. However, the Commission may waive the minimum seating capacity requirement. Venues with a seating capacity of 3,500 or more must have a minimum of four video monitors displaying a continuous live feed of the match for the spectators; venues with a maximum seating capacity of 3,499 or less must have at least two monitors displaying a continuous live feed of the match for the spectators. All such video monitors must be a minimum of six feet by six feet. No event shall take place until the venue has been approved by the commission.";

On page twelve, subsection 29.5., by striking out all of subsection 29.5. and inserting in lieu thereof a new subsection 29.5., to read as follows:

"29.5. Prohibition of certain dressings. – No second shall be permitted to use grease or any other substances on the body of a contestant. The use of petroleum jelly in corners is not allowed except in the use of stopping blood and on cuts. Petroleum jelly, or other substances approved by the commission, may be used in between rounds in the use of stopping blood and on cuts and only in the presence of a representative of the commission. The use of drugs, alcohols or stimulants during a match by any contestant is adequate cause for revoking license.";

On page twenty, subsection 41.1., by striking out all of subsection 41.1. and inserting in lieu thereof a new subsection 41.1., to read as follows:

"41.1. Matches may take place in a cage or ring that has been approved by the commission. The cage or ring shall meet the requirements set forth by the commission and is subject to inspection prior to each match by a commission representative such as a referee.";

On page twenty-one, subsection 41.3., by striking out all of subsection 41.3. and inserting in lieu thereof a new subsection 41.3., to read as follows:

"41.3. The commission shall determine all seating arrangements at cage side necessary to effectuate the match. A promoter may submit a proposed seating arrangement to the commission one week before the event."; and, on page twenty-one, after subsection 41.3., by inserting a new subsection, designated subsection 41.4., to read as follows:

41.4. Ring - The ring specifications shall meet the following requirements:

41.4.a. The ring shall be no smaller than twenty feet square and larger than thirty-two feet square within the ropes. One corner shall have a red designation and the corner directly opposite shall have a blue designation.

41.4.b. The floor must extend at least eighteen inches beyond the ropes. The ring floor must be padded in a manner as approved by the commission, with at least one inch layer of foam padding. No vinyl or other plastic rubberized cover shall be permitted. The fighting area canvas shall not be more than four feet above the floor of the building and shall have suitable steps or ramp for use by the participants.

41.4.c. Ring posts must be made of metal, not more than three inches in diameter, extending from the floor of the building to a minimum height of fifty-eight inches above the ring floor, and must be properly padded in a manner approved by the commission. Ring posts must be at least eighteen inches away from the ring ropes.

41.4.d. There must be five ring ropes, not less than one inch in diameter and wrapped in soft material. The lowest ring rope must be twelve inches above the ring floor.

41.4.e. There must not be any obstruction or object, including, without limitation, a triangular border, on any part of the ring floor".

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