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Tuesday, April 02, 2013 - 02:00 PM

WVU Rifle Team Honored in Senate
The Senate completed two pieces of legislation this morning, the 49th day of the regular session.

Both House Bill 2800, which relates to the Teachers’ Retirement System, and House Bill 2802, which relates to the Emergency Medical Services Retirement System, were passed unanimously.

The Senate also passed 20 senate bills, including Senate Bill 624, which would amend the penalties for those who willfully fail to pay child support, and Senate Bill 98, which would establish the Shale Research, Education, Policy and Economic Development Center at WVU.

On second reading were 27 bills, including Senate Bill 90, which would make DUI causing death or serious bodily injury a felony offense, and Senate Bill 656, which would establish a special committee to study the problems facing the gaming industry.

Senate Bill 459, which relates to warranties on used motor vehicles, was read for the first time.

The Senate also adopted three resolutions. Senate Resolution 52, memorializing the life of the Honorable Ursula Jae Spears, Senate Resolution 53, recognizing Josh Miller for his film “Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey,” and Senate Resolution 54, recognizing the WVU Rifle Team for winning the 2013 National Championship, were all adopted.

The Senate the reconvene this afternoon at 4:30.

Committees meeting today:

Senate Education Committee - 2pm - 451M
Senate Finance Committee - 3pm - 451M
Senate Judiciary Committee - 3pm - 208W

Committees meeting tomorrow:

Senate Economic Development Committee - 1pm - 451M
Senate Government Organization Committee - 2pm - 208W


The Senate reconvened this afternoon to receive committee reports and to read three bills (Senate Bills 444, 481, and 615) for a second time.

The Senate will reconvene tomorrow at 10am.

›› Completed Legislation

Tuesday, April 02, 2013 - 01:45 PM

House Recognizes World Autism Day
Today as the House recognized World Autism Day on the floor with a citation as well as blue candles on each members desk, 10 bills were passed, including House Bill 3135, generally relating to voting system certification and procedures.

Tomorrow will be the last day House bills are eligible to be passed in the House Chamber with exception for the Budget Bill and because of that, 55 bills were advanced to third reading today including House Bill 2265, relating to the school access safety act. Also, House Bill 3065, was originally on second reading today, but was advanced to 3rd reading and was passed in light of the suspension of the constitutional rule mandating that a bill be read three separate times on different days.

In addition, House Bill 2776, which would increase filing fees in certain civil actions was read for the first time today.

A citation was also awarded to the WVU Rifle Team for their achievements in winning their 15th National Championship last month.

Committees Meeting Today:

Judiciary Committee: 2:00 p.m. 410M
Government and Organization Committee: 2:00 p.m. 215E
Health and Human Resources Committee: 3:30 p.m. 215E

The House will reconvene tomorrow at 11:00 a.m.

Monday, April 01, 2013 - 05:20 PM

House Passes Three Bills During Afternoon Session
The House reconvened to pass three bills, advance 10 bills to third reading, and advance 56 bills to second reading.

House Bill 2626, authorizing the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety to promulgate Legislative Rules was passed. This bill would authorize the Governor's Committee on Crime, Delinquency and Correction to promulgate a legislative rule relating to Law Enforcement Training and Certification Standards.

House Bill 2754, which relates to further defining a retailer engaging in business in this state for purposes of sales and use taxes was passed along with House Bill 2571, which relates to who may serve as members of the environmental quality board.

Among the 10 bills advanced to third reading was House Bill 2866. This bill would provide an exception to allow a resident of a dwelling house to discharge a firearm in a lawful manner within five hundred feet. This can only be done if the firearm is being discharged with the express or implied knowledge and consent of all residents of that dwelling house, and no other dwelling houses are located within five hundred feet of where the firearm is discharged.

One of the 56 bills advanced to third reading was House Bill 2128. This bill would provide that all employees have the right to review and copy the contents of their personnel file.

The following committees will meet tomorrow:
Government Organization - 2 p.m. - 215E
Health and Human Resources - 4 p.m. - 215E

The House is adjourned until 11 a.m. tomorrow.

Monday, April 01, 2013 - 02:24 PM

House Passes 11 Bills, Salem International University Recognized
Today in the House, 11 bills were passed and one House citation was presented.

Among the 11 bills was House Bill 2766, which would create the "West Virginia Winners" program. This program would help promote healthy and active lifestyles for West Virginians.

House Bill 2759, which relates to standards for emergency medical service personnel was also passed. This bill would establish that no fee be charged for the certification or re-certification of Emergency Medical Technician-Miner.

The citation presented recognized Salem International University. SIU is celebrating their 125th anniversary today.

The following committees will meet today:
House Judiciary - 2:15 - 410M
House Government Organization - 3 p.m. - 215E

The House is in recess until 4 p.m. today.

Monday, April 01, 2013 - 01:50 PM

Senate Completes Two Pieces of Legislation

The Senate convened this morning, the 48th day of session, to complete two pieces of legislation.

House Bill 2487, which would ban the use of laetrile (a drug used for cancer treatment), and House Bill 3013, which would allow the legislature to create job creation work groups, passed the Senate today and will be sent to the Governor to be signed.

Senate Bill 460, which would exempt certain state residents’ active duty military pay from state income tax, and Senate Bill 557, which would extend the Preventive Care Pilot Program, were two of the 26 bills to pass the Senate today.

The Senate read 26 bills for the second time, including two House bills: HB 2800, which relates to the Teachers’ Retirement System, and HB 2802, relating to the Emergency Medical Services Retirement System.

Senate Bill 103, creating the West Virginia Commuter Rail Act, and Senate Bill 638, which would terminate certain severance tax exemptions for the production of oil or natural gas, were two other bills read a second time.

The Senate had three bills on first reading which were Senate Bill 117, which would make the possession of burglar’s tools a criminal offense, Senate Bill 365, which relates to the expungement of certain criminal convictions, and Senate Bill 594, which would establish procedures in the Court of Claims relating to an unjust arrest, conviction, or imprisonment claim.

The Senate adopted Senate Concurrent Resolution 18, naming a portion of State Route 20 in Wyoming County the “David and Janet Lee Memorial Highway.” Senate Resolution 50, which supports the commitments made to Patriot Coal employees, and 51, recognizing Salem International University, were also adopted.

The Senate will reconvene this afternoon at 4:30pm.

Committees meeting today:

Senate Energy, Industry, & Mining Committee - 9am - 208W Senate Finance Committee - 9:30am - 451M Senate Government Organization Committee - 2pm - 208W
Senate Education Committee - 2pm - 451M Senate Judiciary Committee - 3pm - 208W
Senate Finance Committee - 3pm - 451M


The Senate reconvened this evening to hear committee reports. Of the bills reported out of committees, twenty of the bills were read a first time.

The Senate will reconvene tomorrow at 11am.

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