SB286 S GOV AM #1

Morton 7992


    The Committee on Government Organization moved to amend the bill on page two, section one, by striking out lines three through five, and inserting in lieu thereof the following:


    On page one, by striking out all of subsection 1.1 and inserting in lieu thereof a new subsection 1.1 to read as follows:

    “1.1 Scope. - This Rule governs all state owned and leased vehicles and aircraft, including the minimal requirements for all state spending units that have a state vehicle and/or aircraft in their possession.”;


    On page eleven, subdivision 10.9.1, by striking out the first sentence and inserting in lieu thereof a new first sentence to read as follows:

    “Accidents and damage to vehicles and aircraft must be reported to the Fleet Management Office and the Board of Risk and Insurance Management by the spending unit on the day of the accident if practical or the next business day if it is impractical to report the accident.”