Hartley 7889


    The Committee on the Judiciary moved to amend the bill by striking out the title and substituting therefor a new title, to read as follows:

    Eng. Com. Sub. for House Bill No. 4063--A Bill to amend and reenact §7-14-3 of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended; to amend and reenact §7-14B-3 of said code; to amend and reenact §8-14-7 of said code; and to amend and reenact §8-15-12 of said code, all relating to certain county and municipal civil service commissions; continuing the commissions as previously established; composition of the commissions; removing requirement that a simple majority of members of commissions be of same political party; eligible qualifications for commissioners; appointment procedure for commissioners; terms of commissioners; grounds and procedures for removal from the commission; and procedures for replacement of vacancies.