HB4290 H IL AM #1 2-1

    The Committee Energy, Industry, and Labor and Economic Development and Small Business moves to amend the bill, on page 4, after section 3, after line 24, by adding a new section, designated section 4, to read as follows:

 “5I-1-4. Use of American Products:

    (a) If the state agency determines that it is necessary to waive any provision of section 3 of this Article, the agency shall, before the finding takes effect:

    (1) Publish in the State Register a certified written justification as to why the waiver is needed;

    (2) Consider all comments received during a thirty-day comment period in evaluating the waiver requests; and

    (3) Provide notice of the finding and an opportunity for public comment on such finding for a reasonable period of time not to exceed fifteen days.

    (b) In the event a state agency grants such a waiver, the agency shall work with the other relevant state agencies in creating a plan to ensure a domestic supply will be available in the future.”