SB562 SFA KLEMPA 2-28 #1



    Senator Klempa moved to amend the bill on page seven, section seven-b, after line one hundred ten, by adding a new subsection, designated subsection (g), to read as follows:

    (g) The one-half mile zone requirement contained in §7.2.a.2, series two, title forty-seven of the West Virginia Code of State Rules, is not applicable to any stream segment upstream from the intake of a public water supply (Water Use Category A) if the affected water intake owner waives the benefit of the rule in a writing provided to the department. To remain effective, the waiver must be renewed by the downstream water intake owner for each permit renewal of an affected upstream discharger. Any waiver under this subsection may be revoked by the owner of an affected intake upon the provision of written notice to the department. Upon receipt of the notice of revocation, the department shall modify any upstream permit to impose requirements in accordance with the one-half mile zone requirement.