Adopted by House March 8, 2012

SB588 HFIN AM 3-7                                      JHJ

    The Committee on Finance moves to amend the bill on page five, section five, line forty-six and forty-seven, following “[21 U. S. C. 353(d)];” by inserting a new subdivision to read as follows: “(8) Drug returns by a pharmacy or chain drug warehouse to wholesale drug distributor or the drug’s manufacturer;” and by renumbering the remaining subdivision;

    On page seven, section five, line one hundred, following the words “‘Key person’ means”, by inserting the words “the person designated by the applicant or license holder from”;

    On page eleven, section seven, line thirty-three, following the words “legislative rule” and the period, by inserting the following: “All fees collected pursuant to this section shall be used for the operation and implementation of the West Virginia Controlled Substances Monitoring Program database or in the same manner as those fees governed by section fourteen-b, article five, chapter thirty of this code.”;


    On page seventeen, section seven, line one hundred seventy- seven by striking out subsection (g) in its entirety and inserting in lieu the following: “(g) Before denial of a license or application for renewal of a license, the applicant shall be entitled to a hearing in accordance with subsection (h), section eight, article one, chapter thirty of this code.”.