SB588 White AMT                                             JHJ

    S. B. 588 -- ”A BILL to repeal §60A-8-4 of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended; to amend and reenact §60A-8-3, §60A-8-5 and §60A-8-7 of said code; and to amend said code by adding thereto three new sections, designated §60A-8-14, §60A-8-15 and §60A-8-16, all relating generally to wholesale drug distributors licensed by Board of Pharmacy; specifying purpose of article; modifying the definitions of “wholesale distribution” and “manufacturer”; adding definitions of “person”, “key person” and “third-party logistics provider”; specifying wholesale drug distributor licensing requirements; specifying powers of Board of Pharmacy; increasing licensing fees; requiring updates when material changes occur to a licensee; authorizing board to take certain disciplinary action against licensees, including revocation or suspension of licenses, refusal to renew license and civil penalties; providing a right to hearing; providing for register of wholesale and pharmacy distributors of prescription drugs; and providing for the disposition of fees.”.