SB438 HFIN AMT 4-10                                          McO

    Com. Sub. For S. B. 438 –- “A Bill to amend the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended, by adding thereto a new article, designated §18B-3F-1, §18B-3F-2, §18B-3F-3, §18B-3F-4, §18B-3F-5, §18B-3F-6, §18B-3F-7, §18B-3F-8, §18B-3F-9 and §18B-3F-10, all relating to reorganization and consolidation of Bridgemont Community and Technical College and Kanawha Valley Community and Technical College; creating an independent, multi-campus community and technical college on June 30, 2013; abolishing certain boards of governors and providing for appointment of a new board of governors; setting forth legislative findings; providing definitions; requiring development of a strategic reorganization plan; establishing an administrative planning committee; providing for committee membership, powers, duties and termination date; appointing president and other officers; specifying certain duties; providing for transfer of assets and liabilities, operating budgets, orders, rules and procedures; providing for the transfer of faculty, classified employees and nonclassified employees; providing for employee rights and benefits when positions are abolished; requiring notification of employment status by certain date under certain circumstances; and providing for the transfer of students.”