Rejected by House 4-11-2013

HB2014 HFA LANE 4-11 #1

    Delegates Lane, Cowles, Armstead, Gearheart, Ambler, Arvon, Border, Butler, Cadle, Cooper, Espinosa, D. Evans, Faircloth, Folk, Frich, Hamrick, Howell, Ireland, Kump, McCuskey, Miller, Overington, Pasdon, Rowan, R. Smith, Sobonya, Storch, Sumner, Walters and Westfall move to amend the Committee Substitute on page 87, Item 67, following line 90 by inserting the following language:

    “From the above appropriation for Medical Services (Fund 0403, Activity 189) no funds shall be used to perform abortions if the probable gestation age of the unborn child has been determined to be 20 weeks or more or, if earlier, after the unborn child has reached the stage of development which accepted medical science has determined to be the earliest that the fetus can experience pain, unless the attending physician and two consulting physicians certify that the abortion is necessary in their best clinical judgment to preserve the life or health of the pregnant woman or to avert serious risk of substantial physical impairment of a major bodily function of the pregnant woman.”