SB118 SFA COOKMAN 4-3 #1



    Senator Cookman moved to amend the bill on page sixty-six, section fourteen, after line one thousand one hundred sixty-three, by inserting a new subdivision, designated subdivision (62), to read as follows:

    (62) The commissioner may issue special registration plates to a resident next of kin of a member of any law-enforcement agency of the United States or this state killed in line of duty as follows:

    (A) Upon appropriate application, the division shall issue a special registration plate designed by the commissioner after consultation with the West Virginia Chiefs of Police Association, the West Virginia Sheriffs’ Association, the West Virginia Troopers Association or the Division of Natural Resources for any number of vehicles titled in the name of a qualified applicant.

    (B) The next of kin shall provide sufficient proof of eligibility and relationship as required by the commissioner.

    (C) The division shall charge a special initial application fee of $10 in addition to all other fees required by law. This special fee shall be collected by the division and deposited in the State Road Fund.

    (D) The division shall charge an annual fee of $15 for each special registration plate in addition to all other fees required by this chapter.

    (E) The provisions of subsection (d) of this section are not applicable for the issuance of the special license plates designated by this subdivision.;


    On page sixty-seven, section fourteen, line one thousand one hundred eighty-five, by striking out the words “subdivision (60)” and inserting in lieu thereof the words “subdivisions (60) and (62)”.