SB438 H ED AM 4-4


    The Committee on Education moves to amend the bill on page six, section two, line thirty, following the period, by inserting the sentence “In the case of the consolidation of Bridgemont Community and Technical College and Kanawha Valley Community and Technical College, “multicampus institution” means the consolidated institution comprised of existing campuses in Montgomery and South Charleston and any other campuses that may be established in the future, in accordance with the Higher Learning Commission standards of accreditation.”;

    On page eight, section three, line thirty-three, by striking out the words “apportion the appointments as equally as possible among the lay citizen members” and inserting in lieu thereof the words “appoint an equal number of lay citizen members from each”;

    On page eight, section three, line thirty-five, following the period by inserting the following sentence: “One such member serves a one-year term only, after which that membership position is not reappointed.”

    On page nine, section three, line thirty-six, following the subdivision designation “(2)”, by inserting the words “One of the initial appointments is for a term of one year,”;

    On page nine, section three, line thirty-eight, following the period, by inserting the following: “(3) Until June 30, 2014, all of the constituent members of the boards of governors of the affected institutions representing faculty, classified employees and students serve as members on the board of governors of the reorganized institution. Beginning July 1, 2014, the constituent members of the reorganized institution are appointed according to the provisions of section one, article two-a of this chapter.”;


    On page nine, section three, by striking out all of lines forty-four through fifty-one, and re-lettering the subsection designations accordingly.