SB663 H ED AMT 4-8

    Your committee on education moves to amend the title of the bill, by striking the title and inserting in lieu thereof a new title to read as follows:

A BILL to repeal §18-5-37 the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended; and to amend said code by adding thereto a new article, designated §18-5D-1, §18-5D-2 ,§18-5D-3, and §18-5D-4, all relating to improving the nutrition, physical activity and health of West Virginia’s children; creating the West Virginia Feed to Achieve Act; providing legislative findings and intent; encouraging adoption of comprehensive policies and programs; phasing in implementation of the West Virginia Feed to Achieve Act; making nutritious breakfast and lunch be made available to all students; promoting delivery systems, strategies and methods to maximize participation by students; providing for record keeping and reporting; authorizing continuation or termination of nutrition programs under certain conditions; providing that classroom teachers may not be required to operate a breakfast program as part of their regular duties; establishing restricted use funds or nonprofit foundations to provide moneys for school nutrition programs; providing for acceptance of private contributions; authorizing expenditures of private funds to draw down maximum federal funds for child nutrition; authorizing certain expenditures; prohibiting use of private funds for administrative or personnel expenses; authorizing partnerships with federal and state agencies and public and private organizations to expand options for providing healthy, nutritious food to children; encouraging healthy food initiatives such as community gardens and farm to school programs; and requiring an annual audit of the private funds.