SB1005 HFA LANE, ET. AL. 3-14 #1

    Delegates Lane, Overington and Espinosa move to amend the bill on page 10 following line 4 by inserting the following new subsection

“(9) In order for the increased salaries promulgated pursuant to the changes adopted to this section in 2014 to take effect in any county, the county commission of the county in which the proposed increases are to take effect shall give notice to the public of a local option election for approval or disapproval of the same by publication of a notice as a Class II-0 legal advertisement in compliance with the provisions of article three, chapter fifty-nine of this code, and the publication area for the publication shall be the county in which the election is to be held. The date of the last publication of the notice shall fall on a date within the period of the fourteen consecutive days next preceding the election.


On the local option election ballot shall be printed the following:

Shall the salaries of county elected officials be increased as follows?

[ ] Yes [ ] No

with the current and proposed increased salaries clearly delineated upon the ballot.”  

(Place a cross mark in the square opposite your choice.)

    The local option election may be held in conjunction with the May 2014 primary election. Approval or disapproval shall be by a majority of the voters casting votes on the question of approval or disapproval of the salary increases at the election. If a majority votes against allowing the increased salaries, no election on the issue shall be held prior to the next regularly scheduled primary election in May 2016, and subsequent primary elections. If a majority approves the increased salaries, then the elected officials may receive the increased salaries if all of the requirements of this section are complied with.