SB307 H JUD AMT 2-27 #1

    The Committee on the Judiciary moves to amend the title of the bill to read as follows:

    Eng. Com. Sub. for S. B. 307 -- “A Bill to amend and reenact §62-11C-5 and §62-11C-7 of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended; and to amend said code by adding thereto a new article, designated §62-11F-1, §62-11F-2, §62-11F-3, §62-11F-4 and §62-11F-5, all relating to community corrections programs; authorizing pretrial release programs; permitting certain fees to be assessed to county commissions; permitting certain fees to be assessed to persons on pretrial release upon subsequent conviction; stating applicability of pretrial release programs; establishing guidelines for pretrial release programs; providing for potential funding sources; requiring community pretrial committees to recommend release of certain persons facing criminal charges who are in regional jails prior to adjudication; setting forth the duties of pretrial release programs; clarifying that a circuit judge or a magistrate may impose a secured bond on participants in pretrial release programs; and removing “day fine programs” from the list of authorized community corrections programs.”