HB4283 SFA Blair 3-6 #2

TJO 7913


    Senator Blair moved to amend the Finance committee amendment on page seven, section two, after subsection (c), by adding a new subsection, designated subsection (d), to read as follows:

    (d) No person shall have any wages withheld from their compensation which will be remitted to a labor organization, its agent or designee, in consideration for their membership therein, unless: (1) The person shall have consented to the withholding, in writing, notwithstanding any provision of a labor agreement to the contrary; (2) any withholding so made be clearly itemized on a statement provided by the employer to the employee, and that said statement clearly list the amount withheld during the period of time covered by the statement, and the amount withheld in the aggregate for the given calendar year.