HB4411 HFA Pethtel and Manypenny 2-25 #1


            Delegates Pethtel and Manypenny move to amend the bill on page five, section eight, line sixty-two, following the word “a”, by inserting the words “Class A”.

            On page six, section eighty, line seventy-four, following the word “those”, by by inserting the words “Class A”.

            On page six, section eight, line eighty-three, by striking out the words “while the facility is allowed to lawfully receive drill cuttings or drilling waste above its permitted tonnage limits.”


            On page six, following line eighty-five, by inserting the following:

            “(4) Nothing herein shall be construed to eliminate or otherwise alter any requirement that a commercial solid waste facility first obtain a Certificate of Need, or an amendment to an existing Certificate of Need, pursuant to the provisions of section one-c, article two, chapter twenty-four of this code.”