SB344 BOGGS HFA 3-7 #2

    Delegate Boggs moves to amend the bill on page 11, line 6, after the words “balances in the” by inserting the words “Joint Expenses, fund 0175, fiscal year 2008, organization 2300, activity 642,”;


    On page 18, line 10, following the words “ending June 30,2014" and the comma, by inserting the words “in the Joint Expenses, fund 0175, fiscal year 2008, organization 2300, activity 642, be decreased by expiring the amount of $7,000,000, and”;


    On page 33, line 112, following the words “fiscal year 2015" and the period, by inserting the following:

    And, That the total appropriation for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2014, to fund 0420, fiscal year 2014, organization 0508, be supplemented and amended by increasing an existing item of appropriation as follows:


Section 1. Appropriations from General Revenue.


91-Bureau of Senior Services -

(WV Code Chapter 29)

Fund 0420 FY 2014 Org 0508


                                            Act-      Revenue

                                           ivity       Fund

1   Transfer to Division of Human

2    Services for Health Care and

3    Title XIX Waiver for

4    Senior Citizens - Surplus (R). .   762    $ 7,000,000

    Any unexpended balance remaining in the appropriation for Transfer to Division of Human Services for Health Care and Title XIX Waiver for Senior Citizens - Surplus (fund 0420, activity 762) at the close of fiscal year 2014 is hereby reappropriated for expenditure during the fiscal year 2015.