SB373 HFA Manchin 3-5 #2                                   RFW

    Delegate Manchin moves to amend the Finance Committee amendment as follows:

    On page sixty-eight, section twenty-one, line seven, immediately following the word “Commission” by adding a comma and adding the words “the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management”;

    On page seventy-one, section twenty-five, line fourteen, immediately following the word “tanks” by adding the words “and home aeration systems”;

    On page seventy-three, section twenty-five, line nine, by inserting the word “or” immediately following the first occasion the word “permit” is found on that line, by deleting the comma and adding the word “or”, and placing a period on line ten immediately following the word “chapter”, and deleting the remainder of the sentence in subsection (c);


    On page seventy-three, section twenty-five, beginning on line twelve, by striking out the provisions of subsection (d) in its entirety and inserting in lieu thereof the following:

    “ (d) If the aboveground storage tank or tanks’ location is to be regulated pursuant to a general NPDES permit or an individual NPDES permit, the secondary containment, spill prevention, leak detection and control requirements, inspection requirements, reporting requirements and routine integrity testing requirements for that tank or tanks are to be specifically set forth as enforceable permit conditions and requirements.”