SB6 HFA Perdue et al 3-6 #3

    Delegate Perdue, Azinger, Border, Ellem, Fleischauer, Guthrie and Iaquinta moves to amend the amendment on page one, line 10, after the word, “than” by striking the following, “three and six-tenths grams per day, more than seven and two-tenths grams in a thirty-day period or more than”


    On page 1, line 17, by inserting a new subdivision (1), to read as follows:

    “(1) Before dispensing a product containing ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, or phenylpropanolamine under subsection (a), a pharmacist shall make a professional determination, based on a pharmacist-patient relationship, as to whether or not there is a legitimate medical and pharmaceutical need for the drug.

    (A) This determination shall be based on factors including without limitation:

    (I) Prior medication-filling history;

    (ii) Patient screening;

    (iii) Other tools that provide professional reassurance to the pharmacist that a legitimate medical and pharmaceutical need exists; and

    (iv) The Multi-State Real Time Tracking System”

    And renumbering the remaining subdivisions accordingly.AdoptedRejected