Delegate Pasdon moves to amend the title of the bill, by striking the title and inserting in lieu thereof a new title to read as follows:

A BILL to amend the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended, by adding thereto a new section, designated §18-2E-5b, relating to repealing the certain common core standards and certain subsequent standards; making findings with respect to a thorough and efficient education and role of the Legislature; making findings with respect to the Elementary and Secondary Education act and the affect of certain amendments; making findings with respect to changes in standards and assessments; making findings with respect to reverse in trend of improving student National Assessment of Educational Progress scores and likely causes; making findings with respect to ESEA flexibility relief, state application and subsequent actions; and making findings with respect to school funding sources, the influence of federal funds and the use of federal funds to coerce changes in standards, assessments and accountability system; making findings with respect to inappropriate usurpation of state sovereignty over public education and results sufficient to impede process for improving education; directing certain actions by state board in response to findings; directing comprehensive review of standards by board to ensure repeal of certain common core standards and certain subsequent standards; prohibiting certain assessments; ensuring certain college and career ready standards are aligned and revised as needed; ensuring adequate and appropriate curriculum and instructional strategies, sufficient training and professional development, and information and resources to engage and assist parents; directing state board appoint stakeholder commission to participate in review with certain legislative member appointments; directing state board appointment of standards development committees to advise and assist commission and providing for member selection and qualifications; directing state board conduct regional town hall meetings with certain format for discussion and input; directing suspension of use of summative assessment scores except for certain purpose until certain date; directing limit on number of statewide summative assessment per year; directing prohibition of collection and disclosure of certain student information; directing regular information to Legislature on actions with respect to standards, assessment, accountability and capacity building; providing responsibilities and structure of standards development committees; directing certain actions in response to findings by Governor, Legislature, state board and state superintendent with respect to reauthorization of Elementary and Secondary Education Act; and requiring monitoring by legislative oversight commission.