SB1013 HFA Perry et al 6-13


                Delegates Perry, Campbell, Moye, Morgan, Guthrie, Ambler, Cooper, Rowan, Boggs, Pushkin, Rowe, Hornbuckle, Eldridge, Fluharty, Reynolds, Hicks, Evans, Romine, Marcum, Fleischauer, Lynch, P. White, Hamilton, Ferro, Caputo, Hartman moves to amend the HFIN AM on page 41, Item 51, following line 12, by inserting a new line, to read as follows:

 “Center for Professional Development (R) ……………        11500                  1,500,000”


On page 41, Item 51, line 13, by reconciling the total accordingly,


On page 126, Item 230, line 1, Fund 7005, by adding 1,500,000 to the line item “Medical Services Trust Fund – Transfer” .