SB364 HFA Sponaugle et al 1-29


SB364 HFA Sponaugle, Fluharty, Ferro, Eldridge, Trecost, Manchin, Hornbuckle, Hartman, Lynch, Skinner, Shaffer, Moore, Miley, Pushkin, Fleischauer & Caputo 1-29


            Delegates Sponaugle et al move to amend SB364 on page 2, line 25, following the word “and” by inserting the following:

            “Whereas, The Public Employees Insurance Agency is facing a $120,000,000.00 shortfall for the fiscal year 2016, and the resulting increased premiums and benefit cuts must be avoided, and therefore a transfer to that Agency of $58,540,500 will prevent this while other funding sources are being identified; and ”


Amending the enacting section on page 2, line 9, following the date “June 30, 2016” by striking out the period, inserting a comma, and the following language:

            “and these moneys shall be apportioned from the State Fund, General Revenue to the State Budget Office, Public Employees Insurance Reserve Fund, fund 7400, fiscal year 2016, organization 0703.”