HB2914 H PS AM #1

Akers 3238


The Committee on Political Subdivisions moved to amend the bill on page five, section six, line ninety-seven by striking the word “require” and inserting in lieu thereof “allow”.

On page seven, section six, after line one hundred forty-three, creating a new subsection (w) to read as follows:

“(w) A local health department, including the local health officer, that operates a needle exchange program in compliance with a legislative rule promulgated in accordance with this subdivision is immune from any civil or criminal liability arising out of any act or omission resulting from the needle exchange program unless the act or omission was the result of gross negligence or willful misconduct.”


On page eleven, section eleven, after line one hundred twelve, creating a new subsection (d) to read as follows:

“(d) Notwithstanding any other provision of this code, no local board of health shall impose a smoking ban in licensed gaming areas in this state.”