Delegate Shott moves to amend the bill by striking out the title and substituting therefor a new title, to read as follows:

Eng. Senate Bill No. 386- A Bill to amend the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended by adding thereto a new chapter, designated 16A-1-1, 16A-2-1, 16A-3-1, 16A-3-2, 16A-3-3, 16A-3-4, 16A-3-5, 16A-4-1, 16A-4-2, 16A-4-3, 16A-4-4, 16A-4-5, 16A-5-1, 16A-5-2, 16A-5-3, 16A-5-4, 16A-5-5, 16A-5-6, 16A-5-7, 16A-5-8, 16A-5-9, 16A-5-10, 16A-6-1, 16A-6-2, 16A-6-3, 16A-6-4, 16A-6-5, 16A-6-6, 16A-6-7, 16A-6-8, 16A-6-9, 16A-6-10, 16A-6-11, 16A-6-12, 16A-6-13, 16A-7-1, 16A-7-2, 16A-7-3, 16A-7-4, 16A-7-5, 16A-7-6, 16A-8-1, 16A-8-2, 16A-8-3, 16A-9-1, 16A-9-2, 16A-10-1, 16A-10-2, 16A-10-3, 16A-10-4, 16A-10-5, 16A-10-6, 16A-11-1, 16A-11-2, 16A-12-1, 16A-12-2, 16A-12-3, 16A-12-4, 16A-12-5, 16A-12-6, 16A-12-7, 16A-12-8, 16A-12-9, 16A-13-1, 16A-13-2, 16A-13-3, 16A-13-4, 16A-13-5, 16A-13-6, 16A-13-7, 16A-13-8, 16A-14-1, 16A-14-2, 16A-14-3, 16A-15-1, 16A-15-2, 16A-15-3, 16A-15-4, 16A-15-5, 16A-15-6, 16A-15-7, 16A-15-8, 16A-15-9 and 16A-16-1, all relating generally to creating a regulatory program for the lawful production and use of medical cannabis; providing for the regulation of all activities associated with the manufacture, processing, dispensing and consumption of medical cannabis for certain serious medical conditions; providing for state regulation of all activities; creating civil and criminal penalties for violations of law relating to production, processing, dispensing and consumption of medical cannabis; and setting an effective date.