Robey 7888


The Committee on the Judiciary moved to amend the bill by striking out the title and substituting therefor a new title, to read as follows:

Eng. Com. Sub. for Senate Bill 360--A Bill to amend and reenact 22-6-8 of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended, relating to flat well royalty leases generally; modifying the permit issuance prohibition from one-eighth interest of the total amount paid to or received at the well head for oil and gas extracted to not less than one-eighth of the gross proceeds free from any deduction for post-production expenses; providing that a permit applicant may file with its application an affidavit which certifies that the affiant is authorized by the owner of the working interest in the well to tender to the owner of the oil or gas a certain royalty of the gross proceeds, free from certain deductions, received at the first point of sale to an unaffiliated third-party purchaser in an arm's length transaction.