SB415 SFA Unger 2-16 #1

Baker 7816


Senators Unger, Prezioso, Baldwin, Facemire, Ojeda, Plymale, Romano, Stollings and Woelfel moved to amend the bill on page twenty-five, section seventeen, lines nineteen through twenty-one, by striking out all of subdivision (2) and inserting in lieu thereof a new subdivision, designated subdivision (2), to read as follows:

(2) Distribution of net profit. Net profit shall be deposited into the State Lottery Fund created by 29-22-18 of this code until a total of $15 million is deposited; thereafter, the remainder shall be deposited into the Public Employees Insurance Agency Financial Stability Fund to stabilize and preserve the future solvency of PEIA, and such amount may not be included in the calculation of any plan year aggregate premium cost-sharing percentages between employers and employees.