HB 206 HFA DEAN 6-18 #1

White 3336

Delegates Dean and Paynter moved to amend the bill on page 54, section 7, line 42, by inserting a new subsection, designated subsection (d), to read as follows:

(d) A public charter school may not be authorized under this article until a local option election is held in the county in which the public charter school will be located and a majority of the voters of that county voting on the question approve authorization of the public charter school.

(1) A local option election shall be held in conjunction with the next primary or general election scheduled more than 90 days following receipt by the county commission of a written notice from an authorizer requesting that the question be placed on the ballot.

(2) The county commission of the county in which the public charter school will be located shall give notice to the public of the election by publication of the notice as a Class II-0 legal advertisement in compliance with the provisions of 59-3-1 et seq. of this code and the publication area for the publication shall be the county in which the election is to be held. The date of the last publication of the notice shall fall on a date at least 30 days preceding the day of the election.

(3) On the local option election ballot shall be printed the following:

Shall a public charter school be permitted in [Name of County] County ?

[ ] Yes [ ] No (Place a cross mark in the square next to your choice.)


Renumbering the remaining subsections.