Delegate Hamrick moves to amend the bill page one, following the enacting clause, by striking the remainder of the bill and inserting in lieu thereof the following:


§18-5-15. Ages of persons to whom schools are open; enrollment for less than full-time and for extracurricular participation; conditions; enrollment of suspended or expelled student.

(a) The public schools shall be open for the full instructional term to all persons who have attained the entrance age as stated in section five, article two and section eighteen, article five, chapter eighteen §18-5-44 and §18-8-1a of this code. Provided, That A public school may not deny the enrollment in any curricular or extracurricular course, program or activity of any person to whom the schools are open who meets the student health, safety, conduct and residence conditions established for any other student, subject to the following:

            (1) Persons enrolling for less than full-time shall enroll on or before the first day of the instructional term;

(2) Persons enrolled for less than full-time shall be included in the county’s net enrollment for the purposes of §18-9A-1 et seq. of this code on a full-time-equivalent basis in accordance with guidelines established by the department of education;

(3) Persons enrolling only for participation in an extracurricular activity may only enroll in the school in whose attendance zone the primary residence of the student is established;

(4) Persons enrolled in a non-public school may not enroll in a public school for participation in an extracurricular activity that is offered at the non-public school; 

(5) Persons enrolled only for participation extracurricular activities shall be included in the county’s net enrollment for the purposes of §18-9A-1 et seq. of this code as a one-half full-time-equivalent student;

(6) County boards shall provide methods for evaluation of the subject matter competency of persons enrolling who have previously been instructed through nonaccredited sources to determine: (i) Academic placement and course credits for competency attained for persons enrolling on a full-time basis; (ii) Sufficient competency prerequisite for enrollment in course or courses for persons enrolling for less than full-time; and (iii) For persons enrolling for less than full-time to participate in extracurricular activities, academic performance at a level sufficient for eligibility when required of all other students; and

(7) Any student suspended or expelled from public or private school shall only be permitted to enroll in public school upon the approval of the superintendent of the county where the student seeks enrollment: Provided, however, That in making such decision, the principal of the school in which the student may enroll shall be consulted by the superintendent and the principal may make a recommendation to the superintendent concerning the student's enrollment in his or her new school: Provided further however, That if enrollment to public school is denied by the superintendent, the student may petition the board of education where the student seeks enrollment.

(b) Persons over the age of 21 may enter only those programs or classes authorized by the State Board of Education and deemed appropriate by the county board of education conducting any such program or class:  Provided, That authorization for such programs or classes shall in no way serve to affect or eliminate programs or classes offered by county boards of education at the adult level for which fees are charged to support such programs or classes.