SB1 HFA ED 3-5 #1

White 3336


Delegate Butler moved to amend the bill on pages 16-17, section 4, lines 37-43, by striking paragraph (f) in its entirety and inserting in lieu thereof:

(f) Beginning with the 2021 fiscal year, and for every fiscal year thereafter, any funding under this Article shall only be distributed to those community and technical colleges or public baccalaureate institutions that form one or more partnerships to establish ACE programs and pathways. Once distributed, such funds may be used to support any eligible post-secondary program or pathway provided by an eligible institution leading to the award of such degree or certification.


On page 19, section 6, line 66, by striking subsection (1) in its entirety;



On page 19, section 6, line 67, after the word “Fund” by inserting a comma and the words “excluding any appropriations from the Legislature”; and


By renumbering the subsections.