HB4043 H B&I AM #2 2-10

Reed 3253


The Committee on Banking and Insurance moves to amend the bill on page 1, section 13, line 10, after the word “source”, by striking the remainder of the sentence and inserting in lieu thereof the following:

“: Provided further, That, if an employee’s spouse has health insurance available  through an employer not defined by §5-16-2 of this code, then the employer may not cover any portion of premiums for the employee’s spouse coverage, but the employee may add his or her spouse to his or her coverage by paying the full spousal premium at the actuarially determined amount. However, for spousal premium coverage by the employer, this section does not apply to voluntary employers pursuant to section §5-16-22 of this code.


            On page 6, section 13, after line 132, by inserting the following:

(o) The amendments to this section enacted in 2020 shall become effective beginning July 1, 2021.




Adopted ü