HB4476 HFA S. Brown 1-29 #1

Altizer - 3259

            Delegate S. Brown moves to amend the bill on page 4, Section 2, line 39, following the period by inserting the following:

“(i) The commission shall by December 1, 2020, develop a strategic plan to: (1) Establish the order of priority for testing kits; (2) test all of the previous kits that can be tested; and (3) establishing a tracking system for use of victims for all kits tested after December 1, 2020, that will allow them to know the status of their test kits.  The commission shall submit to the superintendent any additional needed statewide protocols for testing future sexual assault evidence collection kits and recommend agency rules and guidelines for the state police system as provided in this subsection.  The commission shall also submit its’ report to the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Government and Finance.”