HB4619 HFA Linville 2-25 #1

Casto 3264


Delegate Linville moved to amend the Committee Substitute on page ten, section §24-2-1o, line sixty-seven, following the word “infrastructure” by striking the semi-colon and inserting in lieu thereof the following: “: Provided, That notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, neither the Broadband Enhancement Council nor any other board, commission, council, or agency may act to limit, either directly or indirectly, the number of last-mile broadband internet providers who may be contracted to utilize the middle-mile fiber infrastructure constructed as part of a proposed project; nor may any board, commission, council, agency, or any other governmental body regulate, either directly or indirectly, the cost extended to a customer from any last-mile broadband internet provider; however, nothing in this proviso shall prevent the Public Service Commission from reviewing, modifying, approving, or denying the cost and/or means of providing a middle-mile fiber proposed project as provided in this section;”