HB3177 S ED AMT #1 4-6

Hager 7871


The Committee on Education moved to amend the bill by striking out the title and substituting therefor a new title, to read as follows:

Eng. House Bill 3177 -- A Bill to repeal 18-2-5d, 18-2-13b, 18-2-24, 18-2-29, and 18-2-35 of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended; to repeal 18-2E-4a of said code; to repeal 18-3-9b of said code; to repeal 18-4-12 of said code; to repeal 18-5-18e, and 18-5-43 of said code; to repeal 18-7A-36 of said code; to repeal 18-9A-8a of said code; to repeal 18-9B-11a of said code; to repeal 18-10H-4 of said code; to amend and reenact 18-9A-6a, 18-9A-7, and 18-9A-16 of said code; and to amend and reenact 18-9B-1, 18-9B-2, 18-9B-3, 18-9B-4, 18-9B-5, 18-9B-6, 18-9B-6a, 18-9B-7, 18-9B-8, 18-9B-9, 18-9B-10, 18-9B-12, 18-9B-13, 18-9B-14, 18-9B-15, 18-9B-17, 18-9B-18, 18-9B-19, 18-9B-20 and 18-9B-21 of said code, all relating to removing expired, outdated, inoperative and antiquated provisions and report requirements in education code; updating references; repealing expired report requirement related to productive and safe schools; repealing authorization of state board respecting use of revenues from dormitories, home or refectories; repealing outdated structure for collaboration on professional development delivery among state universities, regional education service agencies and center for professional development; repealing unused competitive grant program for selected schools and school districts; repealing unused requirement for state board rule on school uniforms for students; repealing outdated exception to mailing school report cards; repealing outdated mandated reduction in budgeted amount for personal services in certain fiscal year; repealing outdated exception for county board meeting related to fixing salaries of county superintendent; repealing expired study and report on pupils per teacher; repealing expired report requirement relating to county-wide council on productive and safe schools; repealing expired report requirement relating to joint study of retirement systems; removing reference to repealed allocation to teachers retirement fund; removing expired provisions related to additional funding bus system using bio-diesel alternative fuel; repealing expired allowance for regional education service agencies; replacing reference to state board of school finance with state superintendent; removing expired provision prohibiting salary reduction of certain persons due to passage of school finance article; correcting references to tax commissioner for functions previously transferred to state auditor; deleting outdated references to employment term and instructional term; and removing outdated provisions creating state board of school finance and requiring state superintendent to exercise powers and perform duties; repealing outdated authorization for adjustments to average daily attendance; requiring county boards of education and county superintendents to comply with the instructions of the State Board of Education and state superintendent; expanding remedies that may be used to enforce certain orders of the state superintendent when a county board of education fails or refuses to comply; expanding circumstances under which the state superintendent can withhold payment of state aid from a county board; allowing, under certain circumstances of noncompliance with state law or State Board of Education policy, the state superintendent to require certain actions during the periods of noncompliance; requiring the state superintendent to report certain actions of enforcement against county board to the State Board of Education at its next meeting; and repealing mandate for establishment of certain interdisciplinary doctoral program.