HB2785 HFA Ellington 4-6


Mohr 3335


Delegate Ellington moves to amend the Senate amendment to HB2785 on page 3, section §18-8-1a, line 48, by striking subsection (e) and inserting in lieu thereof a new subsection (e) to read as follows:

(e) (d) This section does not prevent A student from another state, or who is eligible to enroll in a public school in this state, from enrolling in the shall be enrolled in the same grade in a public school in West Virginia as the student was enrolled at the school or program from which the student transferred.  A transcript or other credential provided by a public school program, private school program, homeschool program or HOPE scholarship program shall be accepted by a public school in this state as a record of a student’s previous academic performance for the purposes of placement and credit assignment.