HB302 HFA 7-27 #1 Hardy

CR 3338

Delegate Hardy moved to amend the bill on page 11, section 2 by inserting the following definitions in alphabetical order:

"Fetal gestational age" means the time period since the first day of the woman's last menstrual period.

"Incest" means an act which is prohibited by §61-8-12(b).

“Qualified law-enforcement officer” means a law-enforcement officer authorized by §7-14-1 et seq., §8-14-1 et seq., §15-2-1 et seq., and §18B-4-5 of this code: Provided, That those persons have been trained and certified as law-enforcement officers and that certification is currently active.

"Probable gestational age of the fetus" means, in reasonable medical judgment and with reasonable probability, the fetal gestational age at the time an abortion is planned to be performed.

"Sexual assault" means an act which is prohibited by §61-8B-3(a), §61-8B-4(a), §61-8B-5(a)(1) and §61-8D-5.


On page 12, section 3, line 5, by inserting the following:

"In addition to the exceptions provided in §16-2R-3(A)-(C), an abortion may be performed by a licensed medical professional when:

(1) the patient is a victim of sexual assault or incest;

(2) a report is made to a qualified law enforcement officer;

(3) the licensed medical professional determines that probable gestational age of fetus has not exceed 14 weeks; and

(4) the licensed medical professional complies with the provisions of §16-2R-5.