Akers 3254

The Committee on Energy and Manufacturing moves to amend the bill by striking out the title and substituting therefor a new title, to read as follows:


H. B. 4098 A Bill to amend the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended, by adding thereto a new article, designated 22-33-1, 22-33-2, 22-33-3, 22-33-4, 22-33-5, 22-33-6, 22-33-7, 22-33-8, and 22-33-9, all relating to geothermal energy development; defining terms; applying the article to geothermal resources at temperatures above a minimum temperature and a minimum volumetric flow rate as set forth by the Department of Environmental Protection; clarifying and designating ownership rights to geothermal resources; providing findings and declaring geothermal resources as neither mineral nor water; defining the powers and duties of the department; providing for rule making authority by the department; establishing permitting authority; setting parameters and parameter review and revisions; providing for waste disposal and reinjection of spent fluids; providing for cancellation or rejection of permits by the department under certain circumstances; providing for civil penalties and injunctions for violations of law, rules, or permits; assigning judicial jurisdiction for review; and establishing judicial relief.