HB2820 SFA Rucker #1 3-8

Osgood  7820


Senator Rucker moved to amend the amendment, on page 2, section 6, line 36, by striking out the words “attends a private school,”;

On page 2, section 25, lines 58 and 59, by striking out the proviso;

On page 3, section 25, after line 61, by inserting a new subsection, designated subsection (e), to read as follows:

(e) Students enrolled in a private school shall be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities at the public secondary school serving the attendance zone in which the student lives if the extracurricular activity is not offered at the student’s private school: Provided, The student meets the requirements of subsection (d)(4) and (d)(5) of this section.;


By relettering the remaining subsection.