§5-20-2. Governor's commission on Willow Island continued; composition; appointment of members.
The governor's commission on Willow Island, hereinafter denominated "commission," heretofore created and existing under the authority of an executive order dated the sixth day of October, one thousand nine hundred seventy-eight, is hereby continued. The commission shall continue to consist of nine members appointed by the governor as follows: One shall be the commissioner of labor, who shall serve as chairman of the commission; two shall be members of the West Virginia Legislature, one from the Senate and one from the House of Delegates; two shall be representatives of and shall be nominated by an organization composed of and representing the interests of the surviving members of the families of those persons killed at the Willow Island cooling tower collapse; two shall be representatives of organized labor; one shall be representative of the business community; and one shall be representative of the general public. Those persons previously appointed who are members of the commission upon the effective date of this article shall continue as members of the commission and shall remain members of the commission until their resignation, death or removal by the governor, in which case or event the governor shall appoint a new member from or representative of the same group or interests as the former member.