§5-22A-11. Proposals.
(a) Proposals shall be submitted in two separate, clearly identified, sealed packages, with the first containing the technical submission and the second containing the cost submission. If the technical submission and cost submission are not submitted in two separate, clearly identified sealed packages, the Board shall disqualify the submission.

(b) Proposals may not be opened until expiration of the time established for making proposals as set forth in the invitation for proposals.

(c) The design-builder shall furnish a bid bond not to exceed five percent of the maximum cost of the design-build contract. In the event the proposal is accepted and the design-builder fails to execute the design-build contract, the bid bond will be forfeited.

(d) To the extent required in the invitation for proposal, the design-builder shall identify each firm to whom the design-builder proposes to sublet obligations under the design-build contract. At a minimum, the design-builder shall identify each firm responsible for the design and primary construction and their affiliation to the design-builder.

(e) The design-builder shall specify in the proposal the cost of the design-build contract that will not be exceeded if the proposal is accepted without change. After award of the proposal, the maximum cost of the proposal may be converted to fixed prices by negotiated agreement between the agency and the design-builder.

(f) Prior to the award of the design-build contract, all drawings, specifications and other information submitted in the proposal shall remain the property of the design-builder submitting the proposal. Additionally, prior to the award of the design-build contract, the agency shall maintain the secrecy and confidentiality of all information contained in the proposal. Once a proposal is accepted, the disclosure of the proposal and the information in the proposal, and the ownership of the drawings, specifications and information therein, shall be determined in accordance with existing law and the terms of the design-build contract.

(g) Proposals may not be amended during the review process.

(h) At the discretion of the agency, a stipend may be paid to the design-builders not ultimately selected.