§5A-3-10c. Sole source procurement.
The director may award a contract without advertisement or competition if he or she determines in writing that there is only one source for the required commodity or service. The director may require the submission of cost or pricing data in connection with an award under this section. Prior to an award under this section, the spending unit requesting the procurement shall provide written documentation to the director setting forth the basis for the sole source procurement and the specific efforts made to determine the availability of other sources. Prior to a final determination by the director, the registered vendors will be notified of the commodity or service being sought and the vendors will be provided an opportunity to indicate an interest in bidding on such a commodity or service, to establish whether the commodity or service is, in fact, available only from a sole source. On an annual basis, the director shall report the spending units who have determined a sole source for their commodities or services, the type of commodity or service and the determination made by the director.