§8-13B-5. Redevelopment expenditures.
Any municipality that has established a downtown redevelopment district under this article may make, or authorize to be made by a district board and other public or private parties, such redevelopment expenditures as will restore or promote the economic vitality of the district and the general welfare of the municipality, including, but not limited to, expenditures for the following purposes:

(a) Beautification of the district, by means such as landscaping and construction and erection of fountains, shelters, benches, sculptures, signs, lighting, decorations and similar amenities;

(b) Provision of special or additional public services, such as sanitation, security for persons and property and the construction and maintenance of public facilities, including sidewalks and other public areas;

(c) Making payments for principal, interest, issuance costs, any of the costs described in section eighteen of this article and appropriate reserves for bonds and other instruments and arrangements issued or entered into by the municipality for financing the expenditures of the district described in this section and to otherwise implement the purposes of this article;

(d) Providing financial support for public transportation and vehicle parking facilities open to the general public, whether or not physically situate within the district's boundaries;

(e) Acquiring, demolishing, razing, constructing, repairing, reconstructing, refurbishing, renovating, rehabilitating, expanding, altering, otherwise developing, operating and maintaining real property generally, parking facilities, commercial structures and other capital improvements to real property, fixtures and tangible personal property, whether or not physically situate within the district's boundaries;

(f) Developing plans for the architectural design of the district and portions thereof, and developing plans and programs for the future development of the district;

(g) Developing, promoting and supporting community events and activities open to the general public;

(h) Providing the administrative costs for a district management program;

(i) Providing for the usual and customary maintenance and upkeep of all improvements and amenities in the district as may be commercially reasonable and necessary to sustain its economic viability on a permanent basis;

(j) Providing any other services which the municipality or district board is authorized to perform and which the municipality does not also perform to the same extent on a municipality-wide basis;

(k) Making grants to the owners or tenants of downtown property for the purposes described in this section;

(l) Acquiring an interest in any entity or entities that own any portion of the real property situate in the district and contributing capital to any such entity or entities; and

(m) To do any and all things necessary, desirable or appropriate to carry out and accomplish the purposes of this article: Provided, That notwithstanding anything in this code to the contrary, any redevelopment expenditure made by a licensed race track, as defined in section three, article twenty-two-a, chapter twenty-nine of this code, within thirty days after such redevelopment expenditure shall have been requested in writing by the district board, shall entitle such licensed race track to receive the same recoupment from its capital reinvestment fund account as any other capital improvement expenditure described in subsection (b), section ten-c, article twenty-two-a, chapter twenty-nine of this code.